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    I want some opinions... Ultimate home brewery Design

    You know, I just had a thought. Why not a pump to pump the wort into another container from where you make it and make that pump be a cooling system sort of like the hot water on demand system. This way you can pump the wort and cool it at the same time. Just pump it through some chilled...
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    I want some opinions... Ultimate home brewery Design

    While I don't brew beer but mead instead. I had an idea for you. An autowasher/sanitizer/dryer unit that you can put your carboys, and other equipment through. Also a home made pump filter system that has an autowash/sanitize setting for the insides, no clean up needed, no break down and...
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    generic oxy-clean question

    Actual Oxyclean from Orange Glo has an active time of only about a couple of hours, then the solution just simply breaks down. Ultimately it is sort of like using hydrogen peroxide. Same results and much the same chemical. If I were to use Oxyclean, I would mix in the powder when I am wanting...