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  1. Donthoseme

    another burner question

    So after going through a couple of crappy burners a wall mart $34 POS then a Sportsman's warehouse http://www.sportsmanswarehouse.com/sportsmans/Eastman-30QT-Aluminum-Fry-Combo/productDetail/Fryers-and-Oils/prod9999003123/cat101728 That didn't work very well either. Now i'm going to be going...
  2. Donthoseme

    5 tap kegorator ): $4,000

    I can only have so many projects. My new 66 mustang needs some love (and some paint). I'm selling my baby. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/for/2616025955.html
  3. Donthoseme

    A blog worth reading (mine)

    So i'm officially a blogger. I have began a blog about my two passions zombie movies and beer. I will be reviewing beer and zombie movies every so often providing people with a little bit of info but mostly just some fun banter about my two favorite things. Well here it is...
  4. Donthoseme

    Jester's clone again

    Okay so after a month and a half of post bedtime construction.....it's complete. I would like to thank Jester himself. Without his plans i would not have been able to do it. Also everyone who asked questions on his thread helped me find the answers for questions i hade during mine. AWESOME!!!!
  5. Donthoseme

    Leaking manifold!!!

    Ok so i've dropped off the face of the earth over the last 18 months while i learned the joys of parenting. I've brewed a couple batches recently and now i'm in need of help so i'm back. I have a regulator hooked up to a 4 way manifold...
  6. Donthoseme

    Shank question??? Mer?

    Ok so Beveragefactory.com has all in one shank with nipples. Are these better or worse than the normal shanks sold at kegworks or Austin Homebrew Supply?? I think the Austin HB is the best price. I heard in a thread that there might be a discount available?? Military maybe? Mer?
  7. Donthoseme

    12 tap brass beer tower $550 firm

    My chest freezer broke (sad story) and i've decided to downsize to a more managable 7 tap (Jester's Keezer) I'm looking to get rid of my tower to pay for the build. I got it used and gave everything an acid bath, 2 weeks of serious polishing, and a clear coat. Here are some pics...
  8. Donthoseme

    Different Perlick's

    Ok so i'm going to buy some Perlick faucets. I've made the decision. But i see a couple different types out there and i don't see the difference. I was hoping some wise and seasoned brewers could help steer me in the right directions. Oh and i've decided on Stainless Steel.
  9. Donthoseme

    kegerator picture refined

    Ok so the thread for kegerators is well over 100 pages long. Here's my thing. I'm selling my 12 tap beer tower to downsize to a 6 tap kegerator without a tower. I was wondering if people could post pictures of their kegerators with a wooden box and taps. What i mean is. NO COLLARS NO...
  10. Donthoseme

    kegerator idea validation

    Hello all! As i've posted before i'm working on building a new keggorator. I have an idea i wanted to run by all you experienced do it yourselfers. My issue - My 12 tap beer tower makes it so i can't lift the lid without pulling the keggorator out two feet from the wall. Not ideal because...
  11. Donthoseme

    My predicament

    Ok i've tried this on the DYI thread and i'm going to try it here as well. My kegerator just quit and i'm thinking about making a bar. I don't understand how i would mount my 12 tap beer tower facing the bartender and be able to get to the kegs in the chest freezer if it's under the bar. I...
  12. Donthoseme

    I need Bar ideas

    For those of you who have built your own bars please post some pics so i can steal your ideas for my own bar. Thanks all!
  13. Donthoseme

    When broken is easily fixed!

    So shame on me for building a keggorator out of a $40 twenty year old craigs list freezer. I made a nice top for it and mounted my big brass beer tower but the side panneling wasn't flattering. Now that it's icing badly on the inside my wife has given me the go ahead to build another one. I'm...
  14. Donthoseme

    I've got a new brew partner

    Hello all you HBTers. I am here to announce that on 25 May 2009 my new brew partner Bryce Keene Richards was brought into this world at 7lbs 13oz. He is such a little badass!!! I've tapped my Baby Bryce Barleywine that has been aging for 9 months and lets just say i now have two things to be...
  15. Donthoseme

    Pick my new logo

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  16. Donthoseme

    I got a great deal

    On Elmendorf AFB here in Alaska i was made aware that they accidentaly ordered a palat of SN Celebration and needed to move it quick. I picked up a 12 pack for $9!!!!! The palate was found on a monday and was gone by thursday.
  17. Donthoseme

    beer posters

    Anybody have a any cool beer posters. Stuff i can take to kinkos and have blown up. I'm looking for SRM charts or hop utilization charts. Stuff like that. Cool but functional. Thanks guys.
  18. Donthoseme

    Free beer stuff (no actual stuff here)

    Ok so i thought the Killians tasting glasses and bottle opener were pretty cool for the price. I thought i would make a thread for people to post other free findings. Anybody else know of any free give aways or huge deals on beer stuff. i'm thinking mostly stuff like posters or t shirts or...
  19. Donthoseme

    How good was the movie Aliens!!!

    I'm watching it now and reliving every terrifying moment of my childhood.:drunk:
  20. Donthoseme

    Hillary Is A Zombie!

    I knew it!!!:ban::ban: