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  1. jbrookeiv

    I put together an article and video on how to keg homebrew. I realize there are a lot

    Thanks! Yea, I do run the StarSan through the lines, I believe that was mentioned in the video. If not, it should have been! Also, as far as the CO2, I feel as though it's a cheap enough security blanket to purge the keg. Also, the splashing that you can hear is probably because the flow...
  2. jbrookeiv

    I put together an article and video on how to keg homebrew. I realize there are a lot

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm8SU9KE_fk Full article here: http://craftedmagazine.com/how-to-keg-homebrew-beer/
  3. jbrookeiv

    Just finished an article and video on brewing my first kettle soured Berliner Weisse.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGirCGYMHzw In this video, I brewed a kettle soured Berliner Weisse using the High Gravity BIAB Electric Brewing System 120V. This was my first kettle sour experience and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I believe this method should be highly...
  4. jbrookeiv

    Ss Brew Bucket and TSP cleaner

    I'd definitely recommend it. A ton of black junk came off of my Chronical when scrubbing it with TSP. Wouldn't want that in my beer. I got mine off of Amazon.
  5. jbrookeiv

    Announcing Craft Beer Network, A Craft Beer Community Created By Craft Beer Lovers

    No, the site didn't really go anywhere so I killed it. It was costing me $20 a month.
  6. jbrookeiv

    ISO: Rittenhouse Rye 100 Proof Bottled In Bond

    Hey guys, Looks like this is a tough one to find, but I will make it worth your while. I can either pay you for the bottles plus shipping, or trade cigars, beers, or liquor. Please let me know if you can spare a bottle, it just isn't available where I live (South Florida).
  7. jbrookeiv

    5 Gift Ideas For Craft Beer Lovers

    Same, it's on my personal wishlist as I own everything else on the list already.
  8. jbrookeiv

    Has anyone gone for this brewing guide?

    Any site laid out like that is usually scammy in some way or another.
  9. jbrookeiv

    5 Gift Ideas For Craft Beer Lovers

    My buddy and I just wrote an article on gift ideas for craft beer lovers (including some homebrewing related gifts). Thought you guys might want to share the list with people who will be buying gifts for you this season. Enjoy! 5 Gift Ideas For Craft Beer Lovers | Beer Review Dude
  10. jbrookeiv

    Southern tier pumking craft beer review

  11. jbrookeiv

    Cane Sugar for a 5 gallon Keg

    I would not ever do that. Even if you purge with CO2, there is a large chance that you are oxidizing your beer. Add a mesh bag or stainless steel scrubby to the other end of your siphon, it will filter without causing splashing.
  12. jbrookeiv

    Bottles, lots of clean bottles!

    Damn! So close, but so far. Let me know if you're ever down in the Miami area.
  13. jbrookeiv

    Need some help selecting a propane burner

    This is what I have, and I'm very happy with it. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000291GBQ/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 I've done everything for 2.5 gallon to 10 gallon batches on it with no issue.
  14. jbrookeiv

    BIG trouble brewing at A/B-InBev

    Screw AB Inbev.
  15. jbrookeiv

    Question for the Computer Geeks

    I lol'ed. :ban:
  16. jbrookeiv

    Anyone here listen to dubstep?

    Also, check out http://turntable.fm/dubstep101com. It's a social DJing site, let's you play tracks with friends. I set up my own dubstep room, it's a lot of fun.
  17. jbrookeiv

    Anyone here listen to dubstep?

    Nice. He's coming to Miami in October, cannot wait. Check out Feed Me and Mord Fustang, two of my favorites and not your typical dubstep.
  18. jbrookeiv

    Anyone here listen to dubstep?

    Title says it all. Just started a dubstep blog and was wondering if any of you like dubstep. http://dubstep101.com :ban:
  19. jbrookeiv

    Keezer number 8.372 trillion.

    Dude, I love how you just partially painted your deck green. :)