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  1. silvervan83

    brew babes

    We've had discussions about this in the past (along with other things), I told her it wasn't a NEED for me so no reason for me to look at it, that really helped our $ex life and had her doin things she never did before(like make pictures for me)........but I did end up looking at it, so maybe it...
  2. silvervan83

    brew babes

    She went thru the history because she doesn't like me looking at porn, and when I admitted to looking at it while she was gone, she decided to check the history. And now she says "how am i even supposed to trust you on a homebrew website?" shes mad because she made pictures for me to look and...
  3. silvervan83

    brew babes

    My girlfriend was on vacation and when she got back she looked through the history and found brew babes. she is pretty p.o'd!!! any of you have this problem?
  4. silvervan83

    Why is recreational sex the first to go

    I would go with the "sex swing" Google Image Result for http://bp2.blogger.com/_duEXmLdyTEI/SC2u_lM1kzI/AAAAAAAAAYI/QGm5PC_pn4g/s320/01150601160601040920080514f1428966d25f1cddb80098c7.jpg we have one, And its GREAT:ban:
  5. silvervan83

    My whole setup

    I'm about $1200 in parts not counting the kegs (got those for free). Took me three solid days to put it together. If you don't think its worth it then don't worry about it. I sold one almost exactly like it for $1550 last year. This one has quite a few upgrades.
  6. silvervan83

    Stupid Mustangs...

    Very true. I have the EXACT SAME problem with my neighbors. I live next to two US Army member that insist on owning the loudest, fastest, most obnoxious cars on the planet. One of them has a prelude that I'm pretty sure only has a muffler for looks. And the other has a trans am with all...
  7. silvervan83

    My whole setup

    Times are tough and this is a sacrifice I have to make. Homebrew Rig HERMS System
  8. silvervan83

    Official Friday Night Whatcha Drinkin' Thread!

    Six pack of Stella and some pale ale on tap for me.
  9. silvervan83

    Any recommendations on Hydrometers?

    Just get one that wont ever break.:mug:
  10. silvervan83

    strainer with ss braid for mash tun

    I'm no expert (probably ask POL about this) but I would think you would increase the risk of the braid colapsing if you didn't keep the weight off of it. I don't have any experience with braids but I know that once you get the pump primed it can suck pretty well. With the pizza pan, I use a...
  11. silvervan83

    pump with sparge arm?

    Sure, you can step down as much as you need. It will help regulate the flow of the sparge water, which needs a pretty slow flow.
  12. silvervan83

    strainer with ss braid for mash tun

    I wonder about the strength of that rack. IMHO I would be more inclined to get a cheap pizza pan and use that instead.
  13. silvervan83

    Compact Refrig for Lagering

    I have a sanyo kegerator that I got for free on C-list. It only has a tower, no taps and is pretty ugly. I use it for lagering because it comes with a simple dial temp control on the back. I didn't want to use it for a kegerator just because its so ugly. I do 10 gallon batches and can fit...
  14. silvervan83

    Dog Owning Hop Growers?

    My biggest problem with the dog is she keeps pulling the steaks out of the ground and ripping the twine down. I put up a 3 foot fence to keep her out but she just walks right over it. (4 foot tall saint bernard puppy).
  15. silvervan83

    Why is recreational sex the first to go

    I personally like her on top of the washer (in spin cycle) :ban:
  16. silvervan83

    Why is recreational sex the first to go

    I'm not a big fan of greezy SOBs sitting in their mom's basement spankin it to pics of my wife:p
  17. silvervan83

    Why is recreational sex the first to go

    You guys need to get your wives into Pasison Parties. My wife is a consultant. We have 3 girls and still get down and dirty (and I mean dirty) at least 5 times a week.:ban:
  18. silvervan83

    False Bottom

    I did almost the same thing for a false bottom and thought the same about the holes. I went down to michael's craft store and bought a roll of "wire form Contour Mesh" and covered the false bottom with that. It works great and my efficiency is 80% every time.
  19. silvervan83

    6 month fermentation time!!!

    for me, more time is more better. I've left beers in the secondary for4-6 months before and they were great. If you have the patience then go for it.
  20. silvervan83

    Bulkhead idea would this work?

    I can't imagine how that would work but, I don't think you will be able to hold an o-ring down with a ball valve. Your gonna be stuck with the locknut, then a coupler, then another nipple, then the ball valve. The valve isn't going to have the the grove out of it for the o-ring like the...