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  1. Taylormade

    Keezer and a Carrier (beer tote)

    Thought I'd share a few of my beer related projects. The keezer is an 11CF commercial beast I picked up from a Dippin' Dots that was going out of business for $50. The tote I made out of recycled wine crates that I've had stacked in my shop for years. And of course, for...
  2. Taylormade

    Bottling bucket vs plastic carboy for primary fermenting

    I'm filling the pipeline, boys! I have four in the keezer already pouring and two in the closet fermenting away. I'm brewing another batch this morning (Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, if anyone's interested) and realized that I don't have any more fermenting buckets to speak of. I have a bottling...
  3. Taylormade

    Secondary Fermenter Question

    I'm brewing my fourth batch to date currently, a Sierra Nevada PA clone. I brewed it Xmas eve, so I'm going on my 9th day today. The recipe calls for it to ferment in the primary for 7 days or until fermentation slows down before moving it to the secondary and adding cascade hops. All three...
  4. Taylormade

    Pretty Excited About Kegging

    I brewed my first two batches of beer on Nov 23d. I made two clones, Fat Tire and Newcastle. Everything went really well, save for a burn incurred by not remembering I had cold water primed in my wort chiller that shot out boiling when I immersed it. I let them sit in primary fermenters for 8...