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    California MoreBeer! 14 Gallon Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter

    Parting ways with my conical fermenter as am I downsizing my fermentation set up a bit. It is in very good condition and has treated me well over the years. It addition to the standard butterfly valve and threaded sample port, it comes with: Yeast Harvester Blow off Assembly 6" leg extension...
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    Long duct run for indoor brewery ventilation

    I poked around the forms a bit and could not find an answer to this question. I have my electric brewery up and running. On my first brew day, all went well except I am getting a serious amount of condensation in my condensate hood. The hood is 5' long x 2' wide x 1' tall. It is 2 ft...
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    California SF Bay Area: Stainless Steel (304) Condensate Hood 5' x 2' x 1'

    I ordered a condensate hood for my new indoor electric brewery build. During delivery there was a slight dent in hood. The fabricator decided to send me a new hood and FedEx paid claim and decided it was not worth shipping hood back across the country, so they left me with both hoods. It is...
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    California Blichmann TopTier System

    I'm looking to sell my Top Tier System with three burners. It has done me well for the past 4 years, but I'm moving into a new house and this will not fit. I am looking only to sell the Top Tier system. I also have the Tower of Power (with pump) and can pair it with the system if interested...
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    Recirculating with Therminator: Subsequent off flavor problem

    I just got through reading about 15 different threads and none seemed to completely address something I am struggling with. I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have a Blichmann Therminator. For the first 20 batches I made using it, I did not recirculate wort through the chiller and back...
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    Brew a small beer or step up starters?

    If you want to build up a lot of yeast for a large batch of high gravity beer, I can see two potential options: 1. Brew a small beer and pitch on yeast cake. 2. Do controlled starters and step up continuously until you hit your desired number. I have been doing a lot of step up starters...
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    Best method to age barleywine

    I let barleywine ferment in primary for 4 weeks and then racked to secondary. I filled secondary up all the way to the neck to minimize surface area exposed to air. It has been in secondary for 6 months. I am wondering when I should keg it. This has me asking myself a few questions: Will...
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    Recirculating through entire mash process

    I am using the Blichmann tower of power for mashing. I mentioned this to my LHBS and one of the employees told me it is a bad idea to continuously recirculate your mash throughout the entire mash process. He claimed it will "break down the enzymes" and change beer profile.
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    Blichmann Hop Rocket - Wort Loss

    I have used the Blichmann hop rocket on my last few brews and really like the results. I'm also really trying to nail down my brewhouse efficiency (i.e. accounting for losses in mash tun dead space, hoses, trub left behind in boil kettle, etc.). In doing this, I think I'm losing over a...
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    Oxygenating after pitching yeast

    I usually oxygenate my wort with a diffusion stone and bottle of benzomatic pure O2 ( the red bottle you can get at Home Depot ). I turn valve until bubbles show and leave on for 60 seconds. With my last brew I forgot to do this and pitched my yeast do you think this is more harmful than not...
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    Dispensing Nitro beers with Jockey Box

    I have figure out how to successfully dispense nitro beers on my kegerator at home. I perform the following: 1. Keg beer and carbonate to ~1.2 volumes of CO2 using a standard CO2 tank by attaching keg to CO2 tank for a couple of weeks at a pressure setting that dictates volumes to achieve...
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    Problem with top burner on Blichmann Top Tier Stand

    I have a Blichmann Top Tier stand with three burners. I have it set up with three different tiers. My HLT is the highest of the three tiers. I can get a good, efficient blue flame with my BK burner (lowest tier) and my MT burner (middle tier), but I can never get a good flame on the highest...
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    yeastcalc.com question

    I just recently started making yeast starters. I have a 2L flask and a stir plate. I have been checking out the yeastcalc.com website and have a few quick questions if someone could help me out. I attached a screen shot of what I calculated from website. Am I right in assuming to create...
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    New Fermentation Chamber: True GDM-26 Refrigerator Cooler

    Just picked up a refurbished True GDM-26 refrigerator cooler for my new fermentation chamber. I was going to try and build a box, but decided this was a perfect fit for my conical and would save me a lot of time. Has anyone else used one of these before? Trying to figure out how I am...
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    Aerating with Williams O2 kit

    Hi, quick question. Just bought a Williams kit and going to use it for the first time. I put regulator on red benzomatic oxgyen bottle. I tried a test run in sanitized water and I don't see any bubbles. So, then I decided to take the stone off and just sink the hose into the water. I see...
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    More Beer Ultimate Yeast Harvester: Repitching question

    I have ~250 mL of yeast slurry that I harvested from my conical fermenter with the morebeer ultimate yeast harvester. The harvester has been sitting in my fridge for about a month or so. From reading through lots of threads on here, I'm thinking I should probably make a starter with this...
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    Reusing Yeast Harvested from a Conical

    So, I've listened to a few podcasts by Jamil and John Palmer and read as many threads as I could about harvesting and reusing yeast, but I haven't been able to find an answer to my question. I brew ~ every 3 weeks. I have one conical fermenter that I just started using. I dumped the trub...
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    First time dumping trub from conical

    I didn't do the best job of filtering hops. I dumped two pints of trub and this is what the second one looked like: Do I keep dumping until it runs clear? I can't believe how much crap is in there. For reference it is a brown porter with 3 oz of pellet hops total.
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    Stainless Conical: Can you dry hop and harvest yeast?

    So, I finally decided to invest in a stainless conical and am about to fill it for the first time today. I've read around on this site about the various options for dumping trub, collecting yeast, etc., but I'm a little confused. I plan on making a dry-hopped porter today. I will chill my...
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    Too Much Wort

    I started my second brew today. I'm doing an American Pale Ale with a recipe suggested by the local brew shop. I did a partial mash to start of the process and the shop recommended using 6.5 gallons of water to allow for evaporation during the boil. I mashed for 45 minutes, then added the...