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  1. Passload

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    I think you would have a sour mash starting
  2. Passload

    Topping up late...

    Well what did you brew? Stout, IPA, Barley wine? I guess what I'm getting at is that your mash determined mouth feel of your beer. What were the numbers you were trying to hit? A couple of points will not make a difference. If your numbers were close to right I'd leave it alone.
  3. Passload

    90 min vs 60 min boil time????

    Are you doing all-grain or extract?
  4. Passload

    Color problem

    Thanks guys. Mon I'll call Northern Brewer and see if it's possible. It's their kits for the all grain Helles and Czech Pilsner.
  5. Passload

    Color problem

    Ok today I made a Pilsner and a Helles style. The srm is way off. Ingredients in the Pilsner is 9.5 lb of pilsner malt and.25 lb of carahell boiled for 60 min. Helles 9 lb of pilsner and .5 lb 60 min boil. Both 60 min mash here is the color 17 srm! Same water. Any ideas?
  6. Passload

    Opened My first All Grain Beer Tonight

    Nice, congrats on your first all grain. You mentioned hops. How were you expecting them to come through.
  7. Passload

    Washed yeast sandwich

    How long has it been sitting?
  8. Passload

    Letting the wort rest for 30 min after boil?

    Chill right away. No since in making your brew day any longer.
  9. Passload

    Instructions vs Experience

    After one week I would check the gravity see where it's at. Then the next few days to see if it's still changing, until it doesn't........I have left many a beer in the primary for a month or so and loved every one of them. RDWHAHB
  10. Passload

    Bottle Sanitization

    They are still sanitized. Use them.
  11. Passload

    Fine Mesh strainer as a "hop spider"

    I agree with David 42. Also the bazooka is designed for whole hops. Be mindful the smaller filter might result in a stuck transfer.
  12. Passload

    Airlock Problems, Ruined?

    No worries it's fermenting. RDWHAHB
  13. Passload

    Priming yeast for tripel

    Should be plenty of yeast. I'd just add the priming sugar.
  14. Passload

    Connecting collars to freezers

    L brackets
  15. Passload

    TSS2 Display Help

    Thanks to you and ClaudiusB that was it. P0 needed to be set to F. Again thanks.
  16. Passload

    TSS2 Display Help

    It seems to be showing in C. not in F. How do I change it
  17. Passload

    TSS2 Display Help

    Hello, I have purchased the TSS2-2100 with a TS-1 probe. The display temp. is confusing me. I have SP1 set to 50 F. I have P5 set to 1 the temp shows eg.11.5 Please help. J.R.
  18. Passload

    Garage home brewery

    Feeling weak....need.....more.....pics
  19. Passload

    Deep Six Brewing System - v2.0

    Yeah, how's it comming along?
  20. Passload

    Labor Day Weekend 2008 - What's in Your Kettle???

    I brewed a nice Amber Ale this weekend.