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    question about co2 Regulators

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I have been active here. Some health issues have kept me from brewing. Anyway, I have race weekend and my birthday coming up this weekend, so I have a need! I want to treat myself to buying a keg for my birthday. I have some of my old kegging equipment...
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    Danby Kegerator - Indy area - pick up only

    *** SOLD *** I have a Danby Model DKC445BL kegerator for sale in Fishers, IN. I have owned the unit for about 6 months. I have recently upgraded and it's time for someone else to own this gem. Not sure of the age (I'm the 2nd owner), and the tag doesn't show a manufacture date. It will hold...
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    Did my 1st 10 gallon All grain yesterday

    Did a Scott's Pale Ale that is all cascaid hops. Used my keggle for the brew and everything went great. Love the idea of setting up 2 primaries with 2 different yeasts. I went with Wyeast American Ale and the Wyeast Northwest Ale. OG was 1.050 (expected) and was pretty seemless. It did take...
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    50' 1/2" copper wort chiller

    I pulled the trigger and bought myself one. Happy Birthday to me! http://www.ebay.com/itm/290457502092?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619 $109 shipped. I think this should work well now that I'm doing 10 gallon batches. Anyone ever purchase anything from NY Brew Supply?
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    Mash tun cooler not working well for me

    I bought a 52 qt igloo marine cooler and have been using the SS braided line. I have had some terrible numbers lately, so I took some more accurate temp readings tonight. Tonight is a big beer - Bombastic 1.075. Because my efficiency is so low, the LHBS set my efficiency to 65% in proMash...
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    Sierra Nevada clone is low on numbers

    OG 1.035, FG 1.006 gives me approx 3.8%. I know the OG was LOW, what could have happened? This was my first AG batch. I had an experienced brewer help me and everything went pretty well. I feel like I'm drinking o'douls.
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    how much should a co2 refill cost?

    I just exchanged a 5lb tank at a local "oxygen" house here in town. It was quite a bit more than I expected. I paid $14.65. Now, here is the kicker and I don't mind paying the difference. I took in a steel tank and they only had aluminum. So, I definitely got lucky, but I'm wondering if...
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    How many NASCAR drivers does it take to blow up a jet dryer?

    How many NASCAR drivers does it take to blow up a jet dryer? Just Juan...
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    What size mash tun

    Found a 60 quart igloo cube cooler on wheels at Walmart.com. Would this suffice 10 gallon batches? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Igloo-60-Quart-Ice-Cube-Roller/16606385
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    Wort chiller vs. Ice Bath

    I saw the other thread and it seems everyone recommends the wort chiller. I still haven't bought one and wonder what you guys think about the ice batch method. I have the ability to make as much ice as I need (I have a walk in freezer), so cost should not weigh into this as a factor. I have...
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    WTT Pin Lock Cornelius Kegs for Ball Lock kegs ** INDIANAPOLIS **

    I have 4 pin lock cornys that I would like to trade for 4 ball lock cornys. I'm in the Indy area. Let me know what you have.
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    How do you "tag" or label your kegs?

    I was thinking about buying some "shipping tags" to label my kegs that I'm aging. I thought it would be great to record the specifics of the brew (dates, gravities, etc...). I thought it would also be cool to use as "brew notes" and go back through them from time to time. I saw these on eBay...
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    Where to buy different (dual tap) tower for Danby Kegerator?

    Where should I begin to look for a new tower (or conversion kits) that would allow me to have dual taps instead of a single tap for my Danby Millennium kegerator?
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    Corny setup to take to picnics, tailgates, etc... Which regulator?

    OK guys, I just got started homebrewing - just cooked batch 002. I'm kegging in cornelius kegs. I want to outfit a couple of fittings and set up a 'corny to go' system. Specifically, I want to take one of my 5 gallon ball locks, a 20oz co2 bottle, and a cooler and have my homebrew offsite...
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    Looking for BALLPARK time estimates, what do you think?

    I have been doing a 5 gallon full boil extract brew. I have a turkey fryer burner (unknown BTUs), and a 32 quart aluminum cookpot. I have done 2 of extract kits. Seems like they take about an hour (total) to steep the grains, an hour to heat full 6 gallons to a boil, then a 60 minute boil...
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    how long can starsan be used?

    I don't have my bottle, I'm sure it talks about how long a diluted mix will last. Specifically, I sanitized one carboy and transferred the sanitizer to another carboy. I have it just sitting in there. Good, Bad, or Indifferent? I'm sure it probably "dies" at some point.
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    How many cooks should a LP tank last?

    I'm using a turkey fryer (unsure of BTUs) to cook 5 gallon boils. I'm just doing extract kits right now. I steep my grains inside on the stove, and then do the full boil outside. Both "kits" I have done require a 60 minute boil (+ the time it takes to get there). How many batches can I...
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    Question about OG on Brewer's Best Pale ale kit

    I just cooked a batch of the Brewer's Best American Pale Ale extract kit. I strayed a little bit from the directions and did a full 5 gallon boil (directions were written for 2.5 gallons). The instructions say the OG should read between 1.051 - 1.055. Well, I took a measurement before putting...
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    Should I rack this Pale Ale? Yes, or allow more time?

    Alright, this is my 1st brew in about 5 years and I'm doing this considerably different than I used to. The main differences: full 5 gallon boil, 6 gallon glass carboy as primary vs. bucket, not using secondary, and using corny kegs vs. bottles. Needless to say, it feels like my 1st batch...
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    Keggle in ice bath?

    I going the keggle route for my next batch. Would it be feasible to place my brewpot keggle directly into an ice bath for my next batch? I have a plastic tub that was a 55 gallon drum cut in half. I'm hoping to do 10 gallons and don't have anything large enough to ice bath 10 gallons at this...