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    Imperial Stout

    Hi all, I've had my Imperial Stout sitting in secondary for the last two months and am thinking of racking it off and bottling it so it's ready for the start of winter. It's clearly a fairly high ABV and I'm wondering if I'll need to add in some additional yeast prior to bottling. Would...
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    Picnic Taps

    I recently acquired three corny kegs and picked up the required lines, regulator and gas last weekend so I could ket an IPA I'd had settling onto draft ASAP :D It's great - Im never going to have to bottle again unless I want to ! Anyhoo - the only tap I could get was a little picnic tap...
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    Gas / Beer line connectors

    Hi All, I've managed to get my hands on three ball lock corny kegs and ebay will hopefully soon deliver me a CO2 regulator. I'm about to order up my gas and beer lines and quick disconnects for the kegs and I need the considered opinion of the board. Should I go for barb fittings on the...
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    Chimay yeast

    Hi all. One of the local supermarkets has an offer on Chimay at the moment so I'm thinking of laying in supplies to see me through Xmas and Hogmanay. I'd love to be able to use the yeast from the bottles to brew up a Chimay clone over the holidays and so I have two questions: Does...
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    Open source beer

    Intersting concept - but it's pretty much what has been done on the recipes forum in here for a while :D http://www.blowfly.com.au/ http://www.voresoel.dk/main.php?id=71 80/-
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    Hi, I'm toying with the idea of a dedicated fridge for lagering but I'm not sure if I can get the thermostat controllers I want to use in the UK. I've seen this no-drill external controller recommended here before but I can't find a UK supplier. Does anyone know the product number of...
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    One for stout drinkers.....

    At a world brewing convention the CEOs of various brewing organisations retired to the bar at the end of each day's conference. Bruce, CEO of Fosters, calls to the barman: In 'Strylya, we make the best bladdy beer in the world, so pour me a bladdy Fosters, mate." Bob, CEO of Budweiser...
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    FAO Andre the Giant

    Hi Andre !, I'm intrigued by the sig. Care to share the 90/- recipe you have planned ? There's only two 90/- I've sampled here in Scotland - one from a brewpub on Rose Street in Edinburgh (allegedly the street with the highest concentration of pubs in the UK :D ) and the more widely...
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    Bottling tools

    I'm beginning to get a bit of grief about the amount of spillage on the floor when I'm bottling my brews - hopefully someone out there can help. What I'm looking for is a replacement for the normal tap that's at the bottom of my 5g bottling bucket that's a dedicated bottle filler. I think...
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    Wyeast Smak Packs

    I was planning on making a spiced wheatbeer this weekend, using the Belgian Wit smak pack yeast from Wyeast for the first time. What I hadn't done was read the yeast instructions before hand - I only realised on Saturday afternoon that it might take up to 48 hours before the yeast is ready to...
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    Coopers Ginger Beer

    Anyone used one of the above extract kits ? I'd be interested in knowing how it turned out, how much bite did it have, did you use glucose or DME, if DME what colour etc etc I've got a tin on back order and I'm really keen to get some good, thirst quenching ginger beer on the go for the...
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    Crown Caps

    Has anyone come across any 30mm crown caps anywhere ? I have about 40 75cl Hoegaarden bottles that would be ideal for my next batch of Wit, but I can't find anything other than 26mm caps for standard bottles. A crown capping machine that takes 30mm caps would be useful as well ! Thanks...
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    Hoegaarden clone

    Hi all. For my next brew I want ot make a Heogaarden clone based on a tin on Muntons Wheat Beer extract. Does anyone have a recipe I could follow ? Big questions I have at the moment are: Should I be using light DME or a wheat DME over and above the tinned extract How much...
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    Extract Cider

    Hi all - first post so be gentle ! I've just started an extract cider this weekend - the instructions stated that the kit should be mixed with sugar up to 4gallons and then after 5 days, that the wort should be topped up to 5 gallons with water. I was wondering if I topped up with a gallon...