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    Pennsylvania 20 gallon spike brewing kettle for sale

    Do you ever come towards harrisburg pa?
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    Hole in Keggle

    Hi. I bought a used Keggle off craigslist. The person I bought it from installed an electric heater in it. I do not want to use electric. Sure I could just leave it there but do I have other options? Do they make weldless plugs that I could put in there to get the electric unit out of...
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    15 gallon kettles

    Where are you from. What's the price?
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    15 gallon kettles

    I'm looking to buy 1 or 2 - 15 gallon kettles along the lines of spike brewing or blichmann. I'm from Harrisburg, PA. Also not interested in keggles. Thanks Justin
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    Beets: not as powerful a colorant as I thought

    beets...bears...battlestar galactica
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    Thinking about buying a BGE, is pricing really fixed?

    Have you looked into Broil King Keg smoker/grills yet? A little cheaper...works just as good...and made from solid steel...no breaking if an accident happens...plus it just looks cool..i love mine
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    Post pics of your smoker

    Just bought a Broil King Keg. Only used once...but can already say i am in love with it.
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    electric vs charcoal smoker

    I just bought a Broil King Keg smoker and first week experience is I love it. It also used to be known as the Big Steel Keg and Bubba Keg. You want to talk about holding temps for a long time on very little charcoal!!! I had a cheapo brinkmann before that I had to check my temperature every...
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    Just bought a Big Steel Keg 4000!!

    Bought this from Ace Hardware. I haven't received it yet, still waiting on shipping. I have a few questions for those who may know more about these. I know there is a newer model Broil King Keg. Is there much difference from what i bought? Also, what all comes with this thing? It...
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    counterflow chiller

    Thanks for the info guys! I have a 50 ft immersion chiller I could use as a pre chiller...so guessing the 25ft should work....thanks again
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    counterflow chiller

    Anyone that brews 10 gallon batches and uses a counterflow have an opinion for me please?
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    counterflow chiller

    I need to buy a counter flow chiller now that I have a hop rocket. I have searched for a 50ft one. I can only find 25. I brew 10 gallon batches. Will a 25ft CFC work for 10 gallon batches??? FYI...i want to buy one..not do a DYI counterflow. Thanks for the help guys!!!
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    hop back with immersion chiller

    Yes..I have done this once too and it seems to have worked well...but are we not getting the same aroma and flavor as someone who sends the wort through the hop back and straight to a chiller? If we aren't how big is the difference?
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    hop back with immersion chiller

    So my current set up I have is a Keggle with an immersion chiller. When it comes time I send the wort through a pump and back into the kettle creating a whirlpool. I was just bought a HopRocket for my birthday. If I place it after my pump and right before the wort enters back in for my...
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    first time hoprocket use

    Bump..any critiques...any hop back owners ever use Columbus our bravo in the hop back?
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    first time hoprocket use

    Just got a blichmann hoprocket. Going to use it as a hopback for the first time this weekend. I just came up with a IPA recipe going off of the grain and hops I have available at my house. Let me know your thoughts on this one. Grain. 21 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 1 80.8 %...
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    Awesome...do you mind updating me when you get an answer?
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    Ranger....I tried starting there but they are out of stock and might not have them back until next month someone...that was my first choice
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    Very cool...do you use any attachments on the end to give you wort temperature?