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    Corny Kegs - MD

    Bumping because we still have kegs left!
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    Corny Kegs - MD

    I can look into shipping, just send me your zip code and how many you'd want, and I'll get a quote for you.
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    Corny Kegs - MD

    These are pin-lock corny kegs, last used for soda, and great for homebrew. They hold pressure and were recently in circulation. Keg with static pressure relief valve - $35 Keg with manual pressure relief valve - $45 I am in Catonsville. Currently offering pick-up only.
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    Got free bottles to give away? Post 'em here!

    I have 12oz longnecks in Baltimore! I'm looking for cage and cork Belgian bottles in Baltimore. Willing to trade bombers for Belgians!
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    Are mason jars a must?

    I grew up in a house where we canned out own fruit and jelly, so I have been around mason jars my whole life and love them for a number of reasons: The lids are easily replacable. I buy one fresh box of rings every year and swap out the older ones that are showing wear. I also keep several...
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    Where to buy two hearted

    As a Marylander, I come to Virginia for all of my Bell's (and Founder's) purchases. After a quick search I found that Mr. Bill's Wine Cellar in Roanoke carries Bell's products. No mention about Two Hearted specifically. And Blue Five Restaurant has it on tap.
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    FastRack - FastFerment Giveaway - Open to all!

    I hope that I'm not too late!
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    I screwed up my grain bill - I need advice!

    Before I brew this weekend, is there anything that I should add?
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    I screwed up my grain bill - I need advice!

    I accidentally put Melanoidin in instead of Carafoam. Will this screw up anything/give me a different flavor/make it taste off? Original Recipe: Milk Stout 5 Gallon OG: 1.060 FG:1.013 ABV:6.27% IBU:25.6 Color:36.9 SRM 7lb 2-Row (60.9%) 1lb Flaked...
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    Converting to all grain

    For a false bottom, I picked up a stainless steel pizza pan (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000CFM7Q/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20) drilled a large hole in the center for the fitting, then drilled 1/8" holes across the entire thing, 1/2" apart. I was inspired by another HBT thread...
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    Raw honey

    Honey can be used during the boil, flame-out, secondary, or bottling time. Here is an article that might help answer many of your questions. http://byo.com/stories/item/322-brewing-with-honey
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    Favorite Coffee Prep

    I cold brew coffee concentrate in a mason jar and then filter out the grinds. I can make a weeks worth of concentrate at once, keep it in the fridge, and boil a pot of water every morning to dilute for consumption.
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    slow blueberry ferment

    I've done several batches of blueberry over the last couple of years, they've all turned out great with no problems fermenting. What temperature is the must? Perhaps strapping on a brew belt would help it along? Or you could just sit back and wait, it'll get there.
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    Damaged floor corker

    I ended up hammering the **** out of it until it was flat, figuring that if anything happened, I would just replace it with bar stock.
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    So...Should I have one?

    I'm driving to Richmond tonight. I can be there tomorrow to pop on open!
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    Damaged floor corker

    I have a Ferrari floor corked, but one of the metal arms bent. Is there anywhere that will sell parts? Can I replace it with bar stock? if so, what can I use to paint it?
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    Any ideas what campden tablets are made of and how much to use to treat 9.25 gallons

    Since you're only treating the water for chlorine, the typical treatment would be 1 tablet (1/8 tsp) per 20 gallons. I would just round your water volume to 10 gallons and call it half of a campden tablet or 1/16 tsp. You could either use a pill cutter from the local drug store, or a micro scale...
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    Any ideas what campden tablets are made of and how much to use to treat 9.25 gallons

    That all depends on the brand you are using. You should be able to get either of those chemicals from a LHBS or online. Check in the wine additives section. If you are using E.C. Kraus products, then use 1/8 tsp K-meta to replace one Campden Tablet...
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    How Many Years will a Homebrew last?

    Attic temps are not exactly cellar/storage temps. (Not even close.) But I'd still toss one or two in the fridge and give it a go. Tell us how they held up!
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    5 taps...what would you chose?

    I'm not a super hop-head, so mine would be different. As other people have said, do what you would drink (or what your guests typically drink). 1. IPA/American Pale Ale 2. Wheat of some kind (GF's favorite style) 3. A low IBU Pale/Blonde or a Porter/Stout (Think of this as the seasonal tap)...