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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2017?

    Happy New Year! Already done with brew #1 of the year! +5 Mac & Jack's African Amber Clone =5 gallons Remember that all amounts should be BEER! Wine, mead and cider have their own forums where a running total is kept. Also totals should come from the amount in the fermenter.
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    Coffee Water Profile

    If I have RO water what sort of additions would help? Using a drip system. I'd post in the coffee forum but seems it will be seen here.
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    Free Rise Fermentation

    I'm currently fermenting a dubbel and wanted to get some feedback for a fermentation schedule. I'm using Wyeast 3522. I pitched at 68. It looks to already be taking off. My current plan is to hold 68 for most of fermentation then let temps rise, but have found an interesting read...
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    Why didn't I do it sooner?

    I'm sitting here thinking about the times in brewing where you say, "Why didn't I do it sooner?" My latest one is a temp control fermentation chamber. Now I can finally brew everything in summer. Lagers? Yes! It is the same feeling as kegging my first keg, pulling my first pint or even...
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    Painting Hop Trellis Posts

    Anybody paint their posts? I have a notion to paint mine barn red. Might be cool to do on the homegrower scale where you don't have many posts.
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    Super Brew Sunday

    Anyone else planning on a brew day? What are you brewing? I'm planning on brewing my maibock this Sunday. Should be good to go for baseball opening day.
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    Kegging Solutions

    I'm just getting into kegging and have been acquiring equipment. But now I need some ideas/solutions to a few issues I'm trying to sort out. #1 - While sourcing co2 I found 20 lb tanks are the minimum around here. Not necessarily a bad problem. I think it will be a great way to go, but...