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  1. J

    Bunker Brewing HopBurst IPA

    Tasting Notes Grapefruit, hint of pineapple, pine peaking through. Hazy w/ that resiny hop mouthfeel. The vienna provides a touch of a grainy maltiness that, along with the crystal, provides some depth to a very hop forward brew. Brewing Notes I didn't get the best efficiency on this...
  2. J

    Ramblin' Rose Red Ale

    This is an excellent "Imperial" Amber Ale. (If I do say so myself! :rockin:) I had set out with Rogue's Santa's Private Stock and Port Brewing's Shark Attack Double Red Ale as inspirations and this did not disappoint when I finally drew my first pint. I'm sure that this beer would be good...
  3. J

    Philly Beer Week 2009

    Philly Beer Week 2009 Philly Beer Week approaches again. What events is everybody interested in attending? As of now I'm hoping to get to: Philly Craft Beer Fest - Night Session The Brett Pack Dinner Sly Fox/Southampton Firkin Off Riverhorse/Khyber Lowbrow and Local Food Pairing...
  4. J

    Peche Mortel by Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel

    Damn this is a fine beer. My first offering from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel and I am looking forward to the Route Des Epices that I have in the fridge for sometime this long weekend. This beer is tilted towards coffee more than I thought it would (much more than Flying Fish's Imperial Espresso...
  5. J

    Shark Attack by Port Brewing

    Just had this for the first time tonight. Nice pine resin aroma taste with a touch of citrus, followed up by a decent caramel sweetness. Hops were just a touch more assertive than they had to be, but overall it was as expected from a west coast double red. Alcohol (9%) hidden completely...
  6. J

    Roxy Brew Fest

    Roxy Brew Fest This Saturday 11/15 in Roxborough - Philadelphia, Pa Any one else going? :mug:
  7. J

    "Imperial" American Amber Ale Critique

    So, I'm thinking of brewing up a big AAA this weekend. It's based on a Jamil recipe, but has been tweaked. Let me know how my grist and hopping schedule look. I've only been getting around 62-65% efficiency. This will be fermented with S-05. Edit: Mashing at 155 degF Edit #2: Upped the OG...
  8. J

    Keg Won't Dispense

    Ok. Keg #1 won't dispense. Keg #2 does. I tried the quick disconnect and beer line from Keg #2 on Keg #1, but it still doesn't dispense. I relieved the pressure and pulled the liquid out dip tube, ran water through, sanitized, and replaced. Still doesn't dispense. I also removed the...
  9. J

    NPR - Here & Now - Sam Caglione vs Marnie Old

    Heard this on the radio today. Short discussion about why beer or wine is better, their beer vs wine dinners, and a couple of food/beverage pairings. :mug: Here and Now It isn't anything extensive, but a fun little listen. Here's the writeup from the website: Beer Versus Wine It's...
  10. J

    Mash Tun Stanks

    So, I completely forgot about my mash tun sitting in the bathroom behind the curtain for a week. Problem is I left some grain and water in there. The smell was horrific. I've done mini sour mashes before, but this was straight commode. We had people over after that was festering for a...
  11. J

    Hop Impact of First Wort Hopping

    My understanding of FWH is that it accomplishes a number of things. Better hop utilization, a 10% increase in the number of IBUs compared with a (60) addition, and a smoother overall bitterness. Some additional reading indicates that the hop flavor partially gets "locked in" during the...
  12. J

    Bonehead Move, Unsanitized Carboy

    So, I've transferred my wort to a clean (oxyclean) carboy and am about to pitch my yeast, when I realize that I did not sanitize the carboy. I dumped the carboy back into pot and am reheating now. gonna have to resanitize the wort chiller once i get it back to temp, then recool. if i just...
  13. J

    Differences in Liquid and Gas Posts?

    I'm in the process of disassembling a ball lock keg, and after I had both posts removed, realized that I didn't mark them to know which was gas and which was liquid. Usually I replace the o-ring (green for gas and blue for beer) before this point so I can tell the difference, but I spaced out...
  14. J

    Finishing Off a Saison

    I've got a Saison that's to be brewed next week. I'm wondering how to easily raise the temperature for one carboy to help that yeast finish off without hurting the rest of my babies. My fermenting area is 68-70 typically. I was thinking of two different options to do this. 1) Move the...
  15. J

    Bottles - Twistoff?

    I picked up a case of beer today, thinking that I could reuse the non-twistoff bottles for my homebrew. The bottles aren't twist-off, but when I pop the cap off, the rings are there that I would expect on a twistoff bottle. This is the second time that I have noticed this and I'm wondering if...
  16. J

    Austin Homebrew Kits

    So, I'm asking for some Austin Homebrew Supply kits for Christmas. On their website they obviously don't list the contents of the kit, but when you order it do they include an ingredient list for the grain types, hops, etc? I've never ordered from them, but figured it would be easiest on those...