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    Old Ale recipe (from scratch)

    I am trying to do an old ale from scratch after reading about some of the characteristics and common ingredients for an old ale. So far I have come up with this as my recipe: Pale ale 3.5L. (9.9 lbs) Crystal malt 120L (1.25 lbs) Crystal Malt 60L. (4 oz) Chocolate Malt 350L. (2 oz) Northern...
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    Blow off tube

    I'm about to do a 5 gallon batch and my carboy I plan to use is also 5 gallons. The style is a northern English brown ale and the abv should turn out to be around 5.2%. My question is do you think I can get away with using a normal air lock or should I do a blow off hose? I wasn't sure since...
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    Milled grain storage

    we got some various grains milled a few weeks back and have been keeping them in the fridge in the bag they were put in at my local brewing shop. how long will they keep most likely? we plan to brew on may 22. i think we bought them on may 2 or 3.
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    Type of water for boil

    I am doing my first full boil beer after doing 4 previous partial boils in the past. Previously I just boiled my city tap and topped it off with store bought spring water but I want to try it a new way and make sure I get the most from the best type of water to use. Any suggestions? I'm doing an...
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    FuLL Boil

    So i just got a 30 qt kettle and i want to do a full boil extract beer, but most recipes call for doing partial with topping off at the end. is there an easy way to figure out how to adjust the instructions on a recipe to accommodate a full boil?
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    IPA recipe turned out weird

    so i brewed an IPA from a a recipe book and followed all the directions and ingredients 10 days ago. pre pitch gravity said it was 1.075, which was about .013 higher than recipe anticipated. when i checked it tonight the reading said 1.010 which makes it about 8.7 alcohol and it doesn't taste...
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    So I brewed an IPA today and everything went smoothly. But then when I went to siphon out s sample with The Thief to do the OG I forgot to spray the thief with sanitizer spray. I know the thief wasn't grimy and dirty. Last time I used it I rinsed it and put it in my hall closet. But it still...
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    liquid Yeast

    i have a recipe book that John Palmer co-wrote and almost all of the extract based recipes call for more than one packet of liquid yeast, which seems like overkill to me. the white labs packets are advertised as being plenty for most 5 gallon beer recipes that are low gravity. Should i just...
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    Butternut squash in beer

    A friend of mine suggested we do a butternut squash flavored beer. I am skeptical about how that type of flavor will translate to beer. I feel it doesn't have a pronounced enough flavor to really stand out amidst the malt and hops in most any beer. What do you all think? Is it possible to pull...
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    Adding first can of extract

    So I have done this both ways and both seem to work, but I was wondering if it is best to add the first can of malt extract to my 3 gallons of water in the kettle BEFORE or AFTER water reaches a boil. I planned to add it as soon as water comes to a slight boil. Then I add the second can after I...
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    Adding Fruit

    I am about to brew a wheat ale this week and am still undecided about what fruit to add to it. My question is regardless of what fruit I pick, should it definitely be added into a secondary fermentation vessel? or just after a week or so in the primary?
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    Adjuncts in extract brewing

    I am wanting to get into adding different kinds of ingredients to extract recipes, but I am not sure of the best way to go about this. Is there a good book out there related specifically to this topic?
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    Leaving in fermentation bucket

    So I started this batch of ESB on January 3 and it calls to be left in the primary for 10 days then bottled. However, I am not quite ready to bottle because I do not have my bottles prepared just yet. Should be ready in several days. My question is should I rack it to get the beer out of the...
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    Adding Honey to a wheat beer recipe

    I am looking for do a wheat beer recipe from John Palmer's book and I want to add honey to the recipe. What would be the best time during the brewing process to do so? During boil? After primary fermentation? I know that if I add it after primary then it has to be pasteurized. I was leaning...
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    Too Cold to ferment

    So with all of this cold here, our heating is lagging quite a bit and its down to the low 60s in our house, so I am pretty sure my ale has stopped fermentation. The side of the bucket is pretty cool. I havent taken a reading, but i doubt theres any point. Anyways, they are coming to fix it...
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    Air Lock Bubbles

    On my first batch I was out of town and didn't get to observe how long the air lock showed visible signs of fermentation. For this new batch I am getting to watch and it seemed to only bubble for about 24 hours. From what I have read ales usually ferment 2-6 days so is this normal? Should it...
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    Ice Bath Over Done

    So I did an ice water bath to cool wort rapidly and I went overboard and cooled it to about 56 degrees F because the water in the fermenter was also cold. The only way I could think of to warm up the wort to 70 quick enough (our house stays kind of cold this time of year) was to spigot out some...
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    Grain steeping

    Tomorrow I am starting an ESB from extract and grain steeping and I have a question. Last time I steeped the grains in the boil, which I have since learned was wrong. Once I get the temp to 170 what is the easiest way to keep that temp consistent during the steeping process? Just turning the...
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    3 Gallon Pale Ale

    Does anyone have a good recipe for a pale ale in 3 gallons? I prefer to do extract with grain steeping as that is the way I did it on my first home brew batch recently.
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    Pitching and cold break

    I am pretty new at brewing and I have been reading up on the process of it and whatnot. I have done one batch so far and the way i did the yeast was i just let the wort cool over night and i pitched the yeast the following morning. However, i have been reading John Palmer's How To Brew book and...