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  1. Beer_Maker

    Is the grain any good?

    I purchased a bunch of grain about 18 months ago. I ended up not using it all before I left on deployment. It ended up in a non climate controlled storage unit for a few months there toward the end. There is about 25-30 lbs left and I'd hate to have to trash it all... Think it's any good?
  2. Beer_Maker

    Too close of a call for my liking.

    New turkey fryer didn't hold up to the weight of 16 gallons of water. Luckily I had just started heating my strike water or I'd be at the hospital right now. Any suggestions on a new beefier burner set up?
  3. Beer_Maker

    How long is too long for a March Pump?

    So I want to make some sour starter as outlined in the March/April 2011 zymurgy. I was thinking of using one of my cooler tuns and my RIMS unit to regulate the temp at 100 degrees F for a few days. Anybody else think letting a March pump and RIMS unit run for 3-4 days is too much?
  4. Beer_Maker

    It lives!!!!

    New RIMS System is up and running. This is just a wet test though. Not actually brewing on it until Saturday.
  5. Beer_Maker

    Something tells me I just made a boo boo...

    Is there any reason that you wouldn't want to use silicone caulk to seal off the dangerous end of a RIMS tube? :confused:
  6. Beer_Maker

    New Hoses

    Here are the new hoses. 1/2" ID silicone hose with a 304 SS street elbow and Pro Flow Dynamics cam locks. Preset much just like Bobby M's except I decided to save weight and went with aluminum cam locks.
  7. Beer_Maker

    Fun stuff!!! (New toys)

    RIMS TUBE Auber PID SS Relay & heat sink Two thermometers Site glass And some other odds and ends. Still waiting on: Heating element Filter housing Electronics enclosure Cam locks Hopefully by the end of next weekend I will have everything up and running.
  8. Beer_Maker

    What to pair with a Sour...?

    I happened upon some Russian River Consecration and Supplication this past weekend. I'm normally not a fan of sour ales so I'm looking for a good meal to pair it with. Any suggestions?
  9. Beer_Maker

    Cam Lock QD

    Other than the loss in bling factor, is there any reason to not go with the aluminum cam locks from Pro Flow Dynamics? It looks like they are about 1/3 the price of the 316 stainless ones. http://store.proflowdynamics.com/modules/store/-Aluminum_C69.cfm
  10. Beer_Maker


    Is it worth the extra money to get the Auber PID with the Ramp/Soak feature?
  11. Beer_Maker

    Ghetto fab ferm chamber.

    Here is my ghetto fabulous ferm chamber that I threw together tonight. It's just some foam board insulation, a refrigerator, heat lamp, and a Love TS2. Oh yeah....and a lot of duct tape!
  12. Beer_Maker

    Love TS2

    I can't get my love TS2 into heating mode. Are there some models that don't have that capability?
  13. Beer_Maker

    Need help putting this together

    Today I picked up a few things from the LHBS. 20 lb 2 row 5 lb Marris Otter 3 lb Crystal 20L 3 lb Munich 3 oz Cascade 3 oz Amarillo 3 oz Columbus 2 pk Safale US-05 I kind of winged it while I was there. Didn't really have too much to go on. What I had originally thought about making a nice...
  14. Beer_Maker

    New Penrose Kettle Boil Off

    So I got the new Penrose kettle for Xmas. Today I decided to do a little test with it to see what the boil off rate was. My last brew pot was a 40 qt stainless model with a tri-layer bottom about 15" diameter and I usually had about 2 gal/hr of Boil off. With the Penrose (which is right at...
  15. Beer_Maker

    Ferm Chamber question

    So a few years back I built a ghetto fabulous ferm chamber in a closet in my old apartment. Basically it consisted of a couple of sheets of foam insulation board held together by some 200 mile an hour tape. The cooling was done by an old dorm fridge and a Love TS2 temp controller. I have...
  16. Beer_Maker

    QD Question

    Didn't want to hijack the other QD post. Is there a method to the placement of the male and female parts of the QD or is it personal preference? More specifically, do you put the male on the hose and the female one the fixture or dose it matter?
  17. Beer_Maker

    PID Ramp/Soak Feature

    Is anyone utilizing this? I noticed in the Auber website it is an option with the SYL-43X2 PID for an extra $32. If I understand it correctly, it seems like it could be a useful feature for the occasional step mash or even to program the unit to ramp up automatically to mash out after a set...
  18. Beer_Maker

    Sanity Check

    First of let me caveat by saying that I am not holding all of the parts in my hand to do this... Now, how feasible is it to run a 240v extension cord from say a dryer or electric range outlet to operate the heating element for an eKettle? Second question... How would you feel about this...
  19. Beer_Maker

    US goes to war with Poland-Destroyer USS Ramage fires upon Polish port (accident)

    Comment Away... Destroyer Ramage accidentally fires on Polish port By Philip Ewing - Staff writer Posted : Wednesday Oct 28, 2009 16:54:44 EDT A U.S. destroyer accidentally fired three machine gun rounds at a Polish city while it lay at anchor Wednesday, but caused no injuries and no...
  20. Beer_Maker

    Over powering oak flavor...

    So I brewed me up a stout about six weeks ago. Finally got around to kegging it day before yesterday. Got home from work today excited to give it a try... Much to my chagrin, I think 4 weeks sitting on two cups of oak chips might have been a bit too long. Does anyone out there in...