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    Pitching Rate

    I'm brewing up an IPA on Saturday and I'm going to get a starter going tonight. I've already smacked the Wyeast smackpack to get it going a bit. The expected OG of the IPA is 1.067. According to the Mr. Malty Pitching Rate Calculator it says I should have a starter of around 3.45 liters...
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    Fermentation Temperature Woes

    I just moved into a new house so I decided to run a little experiment in the basement (A.K.A. New Cellar). I put a gallon of water down there a few days ago and took the temperature today. The water was at 74 degrees. Not good. I'd like to ferment anywhere between 60 and 70 degrees. So...
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    Stroking EdWort's Ego

    Last weekend a good friend of mine came down to my house for a little party I threw together. He is a sommelier at a fancy Asian restaurant in New York City. I figured I'd let him taste my first AG batch which was EdWort's Pale Ale. Let me tell you, he absolutely loved the beer. He kept...
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    To Rack And Dry-Hop The 60 Minute IPA, Or Not

    I brewed up the 60 Minute IPA recipe last Monday and it's been sitting in the primary for 9 days now. I'm still getting significant bubbling (about 2-3 per minute). So I'm wondering, is it even worth taking a hydrometer reading tomorrow (day 10) or should I just wait until the bubbling has...
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    Bar Tricks - Freeze A Beer In 2 Seconds

    http://www.videosift.com/video/Freeze-a-Beer-in-2-Seconds A cool trick if you have some lousy beer.
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    Safale US-05 Attenuation

    Does anybody know the attenuation on Safale US-05? I just brewed 2 batches using this yeast and I'm trying to figure out what my expected F.G. will be. I can't find a damn thing about this yeast on the internet. Thanks.
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    Thermometer Issues

    I have two digital thermometers from two different companies. One is made by Taylor and the other by Maverick. Yesterday I was doing my second AG batch and I used one thermometer to measure the strike water and the other to measure the temperature in my MLT after I doughed in. I was off by 7...
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    Beer Cupcakes

    http://www.bigcitylittlekitchen.com/2007/07/06/beer-cupcakes/ I'm all over those. Perhaps I'll bake them this weekend (yeah, I bake...so what).
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    Beer Safe, Man Not

    CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif., Jan. 8 (UPI) -- California police said a man who was injured after losing control of his car was not wearing a seatbelt -- but his 12-pack of beer was buckled in snugly. Officers in the town of Citrus Heights said witness accounts indicated that Alexsandr Gritsyuk...
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    Wort Chiller Water Usage?

    I have an idea for the usage of all the water that comes out of the wort chiller when I'm cooling. I was thinking of putting the output hose into a bucket with some oxyclean and my bottles that need to be de-labeled. At least this way all that water serves some purpose. My only concern is...
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    First AG With Pics

    I did EdWort's Hause Ale for my first AG Saturday. I'm pretty happy with the results. A few things got screwed up but I believe I know why. First off, I hit my mash temp spot on. Beginners luck maybe? When I mashed out I missed big time. Apparently the thermometer that came...
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    Tonight's Dinner

    Grilled center cut pork, hassleback potatoes, and spicy parmesan steamed broccoli. Paired with a DogFish Head 60 Minute IPA. Life is good.
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    Uh Oh!

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    El Cheapo Smoker Purchase

    I was perusing home depot after work today since I had a mere $20 left on a gift card and I noticed that the Brinkman Smoke and Grill was on sale for $35! How can I pass up a bargain like that? So I bought it and now I realize that I'm not that experienced with true BBQ cooking. I'm...
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    Dead Guy Ale Yeast Culturing

    I think I'm losing it. I could have sworn I saw some sediment in the bottom of a Dead Guy Ale I drank Sunday night. Last night when I looked at another bottle from the same six pack, I didn't see any sediment. I've read conflicting reports on the internet on whether you can harvest pacman...
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    Dry Rub Recipes

    I'm looking at all these great BBQ recipes and I'm wondering what everybody's dry rub recipes look like. I know some of you use commercial dry rubs but I also know some of you make your own. If it's not a closely guarded family secret, what's in your dry rub?
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    Beersmith Mashout

    Is there a way to get BeerSmith to figure in a mashout? I'm really confused with it's Batch Sparge Options.
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    Next Day Frittata

    After looking through this forum I've noticed that massive amounts of meats seems to be a trend (and a damn good trend) amongst home brewers. With all that meat around there is bound to be some leftovers the next day. What to do with it? Throw it in Italy's favorite left-over dish the...
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    Santa Bought Me The Parts...

    ...and I made it. Well not really. I got a Home Depot gift card and had to buy the parts myself. Here are some pictures of my 70 qt Coleman MLT I just put together. Cooler: Parts: Stainless Steel Braid: Ball Valve and Whatnot: I filled it up with hot water and let it...