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    Irving, TX water quality

    Are any of you local brewers familiar with how often the city's water source changes? I've started noticing a difference in taste between warm/cold months. My suspicion is there is a higher concentration of algae in the water in the warm months. Reason I'm asking is because around the time I...
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    What kind of brew for someone with gout?

    So I have a buddy that suffers from gout and would to have a beer occasionally without a flare up. Is there anything I can do to make a beer he could enjoy? Gluten-free maybe? I told him I would check into it for him, but I don't know enough about beer chemistry at that level.
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    BIAB grain absorption rate

    Is my likely grain absorption rate likely to differ from "traditional" all grain brewing due to the double crush? Both of the two "traditional" all grain batches I did, my rate was roughly 0.1
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    Catfish chum

    Anyone ever try using their spent grains for catfish chum? Seems a waste to go out and buy milo and a 6er of Natty Light when I could possibly just use spent grains and yeast slurry. Maybe I need to experiment and see what happens...
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    Cold weather brewing

    Did my first all grain batch yesterday. Making an ESB. It was in the mid to high 40s outside yesterday here in Irving, Tx. We had a good time sampling some brews and cooking some fajitas. My question is this: How do you guys deal will all the steam coming from your boil kettle? I'm borrowing...
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    1L SMaSH

    I've been wanting to get into SMaSH brewing to get more familiar with various hops. After watching a video this evening where the owner of New Glarus Brewing had 6 test batches (appeared to be 2L erlenmeyer flasks) going at one time on his stove, I got a little inspired. I'm thinking that...
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    IIPA recipe assistance

    Folks, I'm hoping I might be able to get some advice from you more experienced brewers. I'm preparing to do my first all grain and want to do an IIPA. Here is what I have worked out so far in BrewToad. What are your thoughts on the recipe? I thought adding a little rye flakes might make an...