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    Exploding Bottle (Never had this happen, not sure what to do)

    I'm planning on stove top pasturizing my cider today. (roughly 3.5 days in). While i'm heating up the water now, one of the bottles waiting exploded. Do I still pasturize or is carbonation too great? Need an answer asap, doing this now
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    Adding fruit to cider

    I know that the generally when adding fruit to beer the suggested ratio is 2 lbs per gallon of beer. So my question is what's the general ratio suggestion for adding fruit (pomegranate, cherries, etc) to cider?
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    Stuck fermentation?

    Hey, I brewed my first AG missed the og with 1.048. Pitched with dry yeast. I'm used to kausen leaving marks 3-4" up the wall of the fermenter. It's been a week and all I've gotten is a few bubbles and the yeast has settled to the bottom. My turkey bastor isn't long enough to grab a sample for...
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    So I think I screwed up

    I tried my hand at AG for the first time. Tried an oatmeal stout with an OG of 1.068. I followed and hit all the temperature marks on the dot. Ended up with an OG of 1.048. What do I do now? Pitch and hope for the best?
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    Spent Grains

    I'm finishing my first batch of AG and have a bunch of spent grains. What do you guys generally do with them, other than toss them into the garbage?
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    Doing some calculations pre-beer day

    So I'm planning on making an Oatmeal Stout. I'm new to AG, but I understand the mechanics of it and I've been reviewing all the guides. My question is as follows: The sticky note on the top of the forum talks about having a grist ratio of 1.25:1 qt/lbs of grain. So I plugged it into the...
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    Question about Mead

    So I've brewed beer and cider. I thought I'd try making a mead. So i follow Papa Charlie's recipe in the back of his homebrewing book (the "classic" mead). I waited until fermenting was completely finished, let it clear, and I bottled it last night. I tried a little (mind you I've never...
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    Looking for a solution

    I found a glass container (kinda like a big mason jar, perhaps a gallon) with a 3" diameter opening. All the bungs I found only seem to go up to 2 11/16". Is there any way for me to actually use it as a fermentor?
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    Thinking about going into AG

    Just a quick(ish) question... I currently do extract brewing, but want to try my hand at AG, so i looked around and decided to do 2.5 gallon batches. I also learned that to get everything proper 1-1.25qts of water/lbs of grain should be used for striking and .5 gal of water/lbs of grain...
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    Adding flavor to beer recipe

    I've been looking for a Blackberry Witbier recipe all over. I've found a couple but I also found others (Normal Witbier, Blood Orange, Blue Moon Clone [not sure if blue moon is a really a witbier]). But I'm wondering, can I just add blackberries to a witbier recipe? (blackberry witbier...
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    Want to make sure I'm using the correct temperature

    I plan on cold crashing my 1st batch on Sunday. For a couple of days. I plan on bottling either the following Tues/Wed. My question is, the temperature I plug into the NorthernBrewer Priming Sugar calculator... Do I use the temperature of the beer when it comes out of the fridge, or where...
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    First Batch Question

    I just checked my batch's gravity after a week in the 1st fermentor. It came in at 1.011, and it started at 1.048. Can I dry hop and move it to the 2nd fermentor or should I do a second reading in a couple of days? Thanks in advance.
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    Bottle bombs

    How do you stop the yeast from over carbing your bottles? I know cold crashing will put the yeast to sleep thus preventing further carbing, but can't they wake up once they're returned to room tempature, and thus possibly turning it into a bottle bomb? I've seen pasterizing (like for...
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    Pitching question

    I did try searching first... I've heard of under-pitching the yeast, but can one over-pitch? If so, what are the effects of both, if any? Thanks
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    New Brewer's Stupid Question

    So I'm getting nervous... I brewed my first batch today, but I made an error. I used Wyeast 1056 and instead of popping the inner bag to mix with the yeast, I opened the package dumped the yeast in, noticed the bag, cut that open and dumped it into my cooling wort. (I didn't read the...
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    Busted Auto Siphon?

    I used my Auto-Siphon today. While cleaning it, I think I busted it. there's a little plastic regulator(?) that allows the liquid to go through and up and out of the siphon. I un-hooked it and don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions?
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    The Smell

    I just got my kit and made my first batch today (Ginger Beer). Everything's going well (I hope). I just have one question. Is it supposed to smell? Not sure how it's supposed to smell but it smells like something sweetish in the air. The problem is, my wife is pregnant and the smell is...