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    Nonic Glasses, Imperial Pint

    Where can I get good Imperial pint nonic glasses with etched seal and half-pint line? Th
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    Cleaning a used keg for its first batch of homebrew

    When getting a used corny keg ready for its first batch of homebrew, how difficult is that first cleaning? I've read that at least some used kegs will still have syrup that's been inside for many years. Is it usually enough to disassemble Fill the keg, soak everything else, overnight with...
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    How do you aerate?

    Thanks all for the great replies! I too have been making five gallon batches in a carboy. Up to this point, I've put a sanitized piece of clear wrap over the mouth and held it in place, with the carboy sideways on my lap as I slosh it back and forth for a while. Seems to work OK. But I'm...
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    How do you aerate?

    What do you to aerate your wort prior to pitching? Use oxygen? Shake the fermenter? Stir it fast/hard for a while? Something else?
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    What Towels Are You Using?

    https://www.costco.com/grandeur-hospitality-towels-and-tubmats.product.100459223.html 12 hand towels for $17
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    Using corny for primary?

    Hello all. First post after some time away! I'm considering using a corny keg for primary, looking for guidance and answers to some questions In general, are there an downsides? With a five gallon corny, is there any headspace above the five gallon level? (I typically do five gallon batches)...
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    Thoughts on this kegerator?

    Costco has a dual tap Danby for $600. Any experience with it? Other thoughts? https://www.costco.com/Danby-Dual-Tap-Keg-Cooler.product.100375460.html Thanks!
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    Whirlpooling while draining wort from kettle?

    After I cool wort, I vigorously whirlpool it by hand/spoon for three minutes, then wait at least 20 minutes before racking through the kettle valve to carboy. The wort in the tube starts out very clear, but about two-thirds of the way in it becomes very cloudy; probably caused by the cone in the...
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    Help! LHBS gave me Black Patent for Yopper's Oatmeal Stout

    So I decided I really want to brew it per the recipe...after all, it gets rave reviews as is. Went back to LHBS and they immediately offered to re-do the whole grain bill, no charge*. Turns out that the whole thing boiled down to a difference of terminology. Kind of funny; in an earlier post...
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    Help! LHBS gave me Black Patent for Yopper's Oatmeal Stout

    Doesn't sound like one would typically want 8 ounces of it in an oatmeal stout. Or am I missing something?
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    Help! LHBS gave me Black Patent for Yopper's Oatmeal Stout

    EDIT - Long story short -- got Black Patent instead of Black Barley. So...will using 8 ounces of Black Patent instead of Black Barley make that noticeable a difference? If so, what will it do to the flavor? It's going to be a 5 gallon batch. And either way, would you go back and ask them to...
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    Decisions, Decisions... For new equipment that is!

    I also use Homebrew HQ in Richardson (will be going tomorrow). They always have what I need, and the people are great...fun to chat with and full of advice and suggestions when you need it Got my chest freezer - 7.2 cf - at Costco for around $125. Best money I ever spent for home brewing...
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    Decisions, Decisions... For new equipment that is!

    Sure, a BrewBucket and keezer can be fun/convenient/cool, but I'd definitely get a fridge or chest freezer first. Accurate, steady temperature control during fermentation will significantly improve the quality of your beer, probably more than anything else once you've got the brew day process...
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    FINALLY doing an oatmeal stout

    Thanks! What type oats do you use...Old Fashioned, or Quick Oats? (Quick Oats aren't the same as "Instant". Definitely not using Instant).
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    FINALLY doing an oatmeal stout

    Going to toast/roast the oatmeal today, and brew next week. Just to be sure of a few things: I have Old Fashioned Quaker Oats, the sort that boils for five minutes when you're making breakfast; is that the right kind? Would their Quick oats - the kind that you only boil for one minute - be...
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    Heater for SS BrewBucket

    Isn't the thermowell on the side? And to clarify, I mean the SS Brewtech Brew Bucket. Will the Fermwrap wrap far enough around?
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    Heater for SS BrewBucket

    What's a good heater to use with a 7 gallon BrewBucket? If it matters, fermentation chamber is a 7cf chest freezer,and I use a two-stage InkBird. Thanks!