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    Quick Question 2 day brew?

    I am brewing 4 5-gallon batches tomorrow. (gonna be a long day) Im thinking I should start mashing now and do the boils tomorrow. Is that ok? If so should I just store the non-boiled wort in covered buckets at room temp? then just boil tomorrow as normal... thanks!
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    My new toy. Oscar

    I have been wanting to build a trash can kegorator for awhile. I'm always camping or at a music festival or just having a get together somewhere. Finally got it built and will be breaking it in this weekend. Thanks to everyone that have posted theirs, it helped me with mine!
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    Quick turn around light ipa

    Im a big fan of slightly sweet ipas less bitter with a lot of hop taste at the end. so this is what I came up with let me know what you think. (using belma cause I just got them in ) Also want it done (bottle conditioned) by xmass 11lbs 2row 2lbs vienna 1lb Crystal 20l 1lb honey malt...
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    Got bottles?

    Im in the Tucson area and am going to need about 20 cases of bottles over the next month. Let me know if you can help out with extras. I have little money to spare but have some homebrews to trade thanks!
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    Vanilla Creamed Blonde

    6lbs 2-row 2lbs Vienna malt 2lbs flaked corn 4oz crystal 10l 4 Vanilla beans split in half and chopped in mash mash @ 152 for 60 minutes .33 oz Nelson Sauvin (first wort hop) 1 vanilla bean split in half (first wort bean) .5 oz Crystal (15 minuets) .5 oz Crystal (5 minutes) .66...
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    Specialty IPA: Black IPA Black Mamba Ipa

    16lbs 2-row 14oz Carafa II 4oz Roasted Barley Mash @ 152 for 60 minutes 1.5 oz Citra (first wort hop) .5 oz Citra (15min) .5 oz Citra (10 min) .5 oz Simcoe (10 min) .5 oz Citra (5 min) .5 oz Simcoe (5 min) 1.0 oz Citra (flame out 15 minute steep) 2.0 oz Citra in Secondary...
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    I made a cider/beer... 2 gallons malty wort with hops and 3 gallons fresh apple juice. my og was 1.064 and fg was 1.004 after 3.5 months. would I calculate the abv just like beer? thanks!
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    Irish moss in the strike water

    I accidentally dropped the Irish moss in my strike water as it was coming up to temp... I didn't have any extra filtered water so I dumped it in to the mash at the proper temp and doughed in. Any one know if this is gonna cause any flavor issues? I'm not to worried about it because the wort...
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    1st All Grain CO3C

    Finally got to do my first all grain brew. What a mess of a day, but in the end I'm pretty sure I'm stall gonna have made beer. I made a 5-gallon batch of the CO3C recipe from this forum. I used 6lbs of 2-row 2.5lbs of flaked corn and 1lb of instant rice 90 minute boil with .5oz crystal...
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    Boil and mash in same pot?

    Can I use a pot like this for heating strike water,a batch mash, and the boil? http://spikebrewing.com/products/12-gallon-stainless-2-horizontal-couplers Then I would only need a pot to heat sparging water? 3 Gallon big enough? I'm getting ready for my first all grain and am trying to start...
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    Ferment temps question

    I know that keeping temps regulated during the first week is very important for flavors of my beers, but how exact do you have to hold them? On the extract kits that i have been using they will show a range of 64-73 degrees. Am I OK as long as I am within those temps? On my buckets the...
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    Specialty grain steping question

    When steeping specialty grains with an extract kit the instructions usually say to steep at 150ish for 30 minutes. It seems to me that when the water is 150 the center of the sack of grains is in the 130ish area and doesn't seem to come up to proper temp till the very end of the steep. It seems...
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    Chocolate Milk Stout with an OG at 1.08.

    I'm brewing a milk stout extract brew that I picked up from my brew shop. I was aiming to make it a bigger beer with more body to it. The shop guy recommended steeping the specialty grains an extra 15 minutes (from 30 to 45) and to add 1lb of Briess light malt dry extract. He also changed the...
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    First Strawberry Wit... Bottle time?

    Hey yall! I'm a noob posting for the first time. Been reading the forums for a while and everyone here has helped with my first 2 brews with all the good info on here. So first of thanks!!! My second brew I believe is ready for bottle time but just want some feed back to make sure. I'm...