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  1. RandyAB

    Soda Stream

    Anybody make an adapter to allow pushing a portable keg with a soda stream and standard regulator? I have a paintball tank and adapter but I like the availability of soda stream cylinders.
  2. RandyAB

    Adapter for paintball CO2 canister

    I tried using the adapter to hook up a paintball canister to regulator this weekend and didn't have good results. I buggered the o-ring on the canister by screwing the canister on too tight. That shouldn't be a problem but what has happened is a perfectly round little hole (it looks like it...
  3. RandyAB

    Did I get ripped off on my beer gas?

    I had a 10lb nitrogen bottle filled today for the first time with beer gas. It was done at a shop that supplies beer gas to a number of venders. When I picked it up today, it seemed a bit light. I got it home today and weighed it an it is 2.2 lbs over tare weight. WTF? Is that right? PSI...
  4. RandyAB

    Danby Fridge for Kegerator

    I can't seem to find the Danby Model DAR440BK that people have been using for a kegerator build. I can get this one at the local Walmart...
  5. RandyAB

    Corny keg question

    I was just the beneficiary of 6 pinlock kegs from an acquaintance that owns a restaurant and who wanted to get rid of them because he no longer uses them. Anyway the kegs I have used up to this point have been ball lock so I have a couple of questions. Firstly, if I wanted to convert over to...
  6. RandyAB

    Nitrogen question

    So I ordered a nitrogen setup from Kegworks but I'm not sure if I can get 75% N/ 25% CO2 beergas. If I carbed with CO2 and then pushed with pure Nitrogen would that work well for my English Ales and Stouts?
  7. RandyAB

    Beer gas in Edmonton

    Does anybody know where to get Beergas in Edmonton? I have a 10lb Guinness tank coming from Kegworks and need to have some place to fill it.
  8. RandyAB

    Beer gas in Edmonton

    Double post sorry
  9. RandyAB

    Using Beergas

    I ordered a stout faucet from Adventures in Homebrewing wanting to add nitrogen,(or rather beergas), to my setup. As far as the tank and regulator are concerned, can I use a CO2 tank with adapter for the nitrogen reg or do I need a nitrogen tank and nitrogen reg?
  10. RandyAB

    Centennial Blonde tastes like my Nierra Sevada

    I just kegged a 15 gal batch of this recipe. On brewday I hit the numbers pretty much dead on and the beer finished where it should have. I must say that I was a little disappointed. I had previously brewed Biermuncher's Nierra Sevada Pale Ale and I found this recipe very close in taste. Has...
  11. RandyAB

    soda stream co2

    Has anybody used a sodastream CO2 canister for pushing kegs? Their slender profile seems quite nice for a portable system and refills are easier to get in my area than paintball tanks. If so, does anybody know were to get an adapter for a regulator (assuming one is needed)?
  12. RandyAB

    Better picinic tap

    Has anyone come out with a better picnic tap than the cheap plastic under $10 tap that can't hold any pressure? The concept is great but this thing sprays beer everywhere and is built like it came out of a Cracker Jack box. Does anyone make a stainless one? If no, why not?
  13. RandyAB

    CO2 refills in Nanaimo/Parksville/Qualicum area

    I'm going to Vancouver Island this weekend and need a place to fill my CO2 tank. Does anybody have a good source they can point me toward? Thanks
  14. RandyAB

    Power source for 12 V computer fan

    So I'm planning on building a keezer and am wondering on what power source you use to run the DC voltage on the circulating computer fans which seem to be 12V most commonly? Also, I wanted to confirm that they should be wired so that the direction of flow is from the bottom of the keezer to the...
  15. RandyAB

    Calculating HCO3- level from other parameters.

    Ok, so it's been a little while since high school chemistry so I need a little help. I got a water profile from the town which had all of the necessary info to plug into Beersmith 2 except the HCO3-. What the report does include is two parameters which I think should allow me to calculate...
  16. RandyAB

    Cooler for portable keg

    I want to haul a 3gal keg and 5lb CO2 tank portably. I saw the build in BYO mag recently and they used an Igloo 70qt Maxcold Icecube cooler. I can't seem to source that particular cooler in Canada. Does anybody have a suitable alternative to suggest or does anybody know who sells the Igloos...
  17. RandyAB

    I'm in a pickle.....My yeast is dead.

    I brewed a 15gal batch with a OG of 1.058 and put 11gal into my s/s conical and 4 gal into a glass carboy set up with a blowoff tube. The yeast I used was some Burton Ale yeast that had a best before date of Nov 28/11. I had 2 vials of the stuff and 2 days before I made two 1 quart starters...
  18. RandyAB

    Yeast starter question.

    I'm brewing a 12gal batch of ale using Whitelabs Burton Ale that is 2 months past it's best before date. I was going to use both vials and make a starter. My question is: Will I get more yeast cells if I make 2 separate 1 quart starters or should I make 1 half gal starter using both vials...
  19. RandyAB

    My first beer design.

    I thought I would try making my own recipe by tweeking Charley Papazian's Humpty Dumpty English Bitter. Can anybody give me there thoughts on how they think it will turn out? Batch: 11gal Efficiency: 80% OG: 1.055 FG: 1.012 Yeast: White Labs Burton Ale Yeast with starter. SRM: 12 ABV%...
  20. RandyAB

    I don't get good head!!

    ......on my beer.:D How does one get a nice creamy white head that lasts? The head on my beer is a bit of a brownish off color (I've only brewed darker english ales so far) and usually I have to pour vigorously into the glass from the bottle to create a descent size one. Any tricks that...