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  1. dinnerstick

    Carnivale Brettanomyces 2016 (Amsterdam)

    Hi all in or around the Netherlands, This year's Brett Fest is coming. Lots of big names this year- uber historian ron pattinson, chad yakobson of crooked stave, jean van roy of cantillon, and more. Check the lineup, it's pretty great. http://www.wildegist.nl/program/ I'm giving a...
  2. dinnerstick

    Has anyone ever seen Jamil Zainasheff and Carlo Ancelotti in the same room?

    Sorry to those who don't have a clue who ancelotti is, he is the manager of real madrid, at least at the time of posting, and among the more famous football (the soccery one, not the helmetty one! disclaimer: i have nothing against the helmet one and i don't care to discuss the merits or...
  3. dinnerstick

    HBT'er takes top prize in Utrecht 2015

    (gloat warning) I'm happy today. My beer 'Smokey the Barracuda' from Brouwerij de Kromme Haring (<-that's me) just won the top (and only) prize at the 2015 Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival here in the Netherlands last saturday, or as they call the prize: 'Most appreciated beer in Utrecht...
  4. dinnerstick

    Experiences with Brett C Solo

    While dicking around with some brett strains (and strains formerly known as brett) I wanted to test WLP brett c (645) in some hoppy beers, i had never used it before but had some gorgeous 100% c ipas, and in doing so start to grow up a big pitch for a collaboration brew with a small nano nearby...
  5. dinnerstick

    What would you brew for this particularly picky in-law?

    Help! suggestions solicited!! Father in law likes beer, but is not adventurous. He drinks continental pilseners, but his top beer is grolsch herst(autumn)bok. i doubt many will have had the 'pleasure', but this is a dark color, say dark chestnut brown, quite bitter, relatively thin bodied...
  6. dinnerstick

    Netherlands- HBer's beer on tap!!

    HBT member dinnerstick's first contract brewed beer (i basically served as assistant brewer for a day) is going on tap this week at Kafe Belgie in utrecht. The beer was commissioned by the bar for their 30th anniversary, the recipe was developed by me and brewed at local brouwerij maximus on...
  7. dinnerstick


    found these guys lurking around the back yard, after lots of holes showed up in my hop plant leaves. i have eaten many a snail in my days, but never cultivated my own. anyone?
  8. dinnerstick

    Steinbach smoked vs Weyermann?? any experience?

    Hi all. Good couple of beer days here, this morning i woke up to find i had won the wortmonster conical on the latest HBT giveaway (!!), and tomorrow I'm brewing at a local brewery, on their 1200L system, as collaboration with a local beer bar. The beer is a big (imperial?) smoked porter. The...
  9. dinnerstick

    BBC wild beer podcast (Radio4 Food Programme)

    Just what it says in the title. Download the 30 March 2014 podcast! http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/foodprog
  10. dinnerstick

    Drive your malt mill using a Kitchenaid

    It's just what the title says, really. For whatever reason my cordless drill won't turn my jsp malt mill, i guess it doesn't have the torque. So i though why not attach it to the auxiliary port of my kitchenaid mixer. The adapter for the port is incredibly high tech, i sold the patent to NASA...
  11. dinnerstick

    Blood sausage / black pudding

    I'm preparing to make my first blood sausage. I couldn't find fresh blood so i got dried pigs blood. I've found lots of recipes online and in books but didn't see anything in this forum, does anyone have experiences to share? Especially with dried blood. I'll post results and pics eventually...
  12. dinnerstick

    Malt Vinegar Makers

    Does anyone make malt vinegar, I mean make it on purpose, not just let a bad batch of beer go to vinegar? I've made vinegar here and there from wine and cider, but never fermented something specifically to make it into vinegar. I am thinking to do a few trials to make a nice one; steep some...
  13. dinnerstick

    kitchenaid to drive proper malt mill?

    i know kitchenaid makes a mill attachment, this fact confounds internet searches on the topic, i'm not interested in that. i use a jsp maltmill and thought the auxiliary connection on a kitchenaid would be perfect to deliver the power to turn it. i didn't have much luck with my drill. i found a...
  14. dinnerstick

    Informative Cider Podcast from BBC!

    focusing on some traditional british (both craft and big commercial) and new american craft cider techniques. ~30 minutes, a very good listen. from 'the food programme' series on bbc radio 4. scroll down to the right one, 21 october. http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/foodprog
  15. dinnerstick

    History of Alcohol on Earth! (warning: science)

    An interesting short podcast interview with a researcher who studies the evolution of alcohol dehydrogenase, and uses the results to make informed inferences on the history of alcohol in the human(/primate) diet, as well as some speculation on when ethanol first became abundant on our funny...
  16. dinnerstick

    waxed plums (safe for work)

    Nordic Food Lab writeup and short video on a clever way of wild fermenting plums. I know it's not cooking and not pairing, but might pair nicely with a lambic or gueuze! Cool idea anyways, who's up for giving it a go? http://nordicfoodlab.org/blog/2013/10/waxed-plums
  17. dinnerstick

    B. lambicus slow grower?

    I grew up starter cultures of all three of the brett strains in my library; white labs B. brux., B. lamb., B. brux. trois (650, 653, 644). Approximately equal inoculation rates into 2.5 ml starters, and those into 25 ml cultures, all shaken together at 28 degrees. The brux and trois cultures...
  18. dinnerstick

    Kimchi and Borefts beer festivals, go Dutch!

    Two upcoming events for people in and around the Netherlands- Kimchi Farm Festival is a small festival on a community farm in Amsterdam (near the westergasfabriek) with homebrewers and small commercial brewers, and lots of homemade and craft food, live music and DJs. 10-11 August. Visit my...
  19. dinnerstick

    Brett Festival Amsterdam 2013

    This weekend is the 2nd annual 'Carnivale brettanomyces en andere wilde dieren' (brett and other wild beasts) mini-festival organized by the Bier Koning bottle shop in amsterdam. https://wildegist.jux.com schedule on the website. it features talks on wild homebrewing and a seminar by frank...
  20. dinnerstick

    Speidel Plastic Conical Fermenter

    Has anyone encountered one of these, the new line of speidel conical fermenters? http://www.speidels-braumeister.de/Accessories/Cone-barrel-30l::50.html Looks like the lid sits in a trough of sanitizer and thus acts as the airlock, and appears to have all the important bits of a real conical...