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  1. Ninoid

    Harvest yeast from Belgian beer

    I plan to wash Belgian yeast that fermented 5.5% ABV beer with about 20% table sugar. Is this a good idea or is such yeast stressed out because of the higher amount of simple sugar and not suitable for fermenting the next round of beer?
  2. Ninoid

    Czech Beer War

    Have any of you watched this movie? A very instructive and iconic film about the globalization of the beer industry.
  3. Ninoid

    New electric brew kettle

    I build my new brew kettle with electric heater. So far I have used the same system but a plastic bucket. Now I got a 33L stainless steel pot and installed a 230V / 2000W heater taked from a 1.7L plastic water kettle. It cost about $ 130 (the pot was about $ 100). I did two BIAB brews in the...
  4. Ninoid

    Stainless steel pot electric heating element

    I have plan to bay stainless steel pot (like this) for replace my plastic brewing kettle. In this pot I plan to install a heater from the plastic electric kettle (like this). I use this kind of heater now in a plastic brewing kettle and it works without any problems. I wonder if anyone tried...
  5. Ninoid

    Dry Hop - Bad Experience

    I have over thirty batches behind and have not tried dry hop before. I did before APA, but without dry hop. This time I've tried the simplest version so on seven day of fermentation I put 15 grams of Columbus in pellets through the airlock hole, without any shaking. Seven days later, I went to...
  6. Ninoid

    Wheat Stout advice

    I plan brew Wheat Stout. Do I have to put flaked oats in it or not?
  7. Ninoid

    Missed recipe = super beer!

    Because failure of my beam scale I completely missed proportions and quantity of malts for American Wheat Beer. Unfortunately, I realized that when the mash was already over. To save beer, I added a larger amount of table sugar (40% of grain bill) and BE-134 yeast instead of US-05, to get a...
  8. Ninoid


    Are those stains inside my fermenter is beerstone? I threat this with OXI cleaner and hot water, but these patches are sporadic again as soon as the surface is dry. I've seen it for a while, but I did not have any problems with the beer fermented inside that fermenter so I did not care too...
  9. Ninoid

    No Chill vs Delayed yeast pitch

    I read this experiment of our Brulosophy, the source of many of our knowledge and doubts, and wonder why No Chill could be a bad one if the 40 hours delay of yeast pitch in chilled wort did not lead to any bad consequences?
  10. Ninoid

    5 minutes boil

    I open this thread, although there is already talk of this on this forum, because I have tried and became an advocate of this way. I am an eBIAB brewer and brew in the bathroom area in the shower tub because I have a small apartment in the city area and live too high, and I prefer to be...
  11. Ninoid

    Too much foam after aging

    My Oatmeal Stout bottled before two months and turn great with enough foam. Now is still great, taste same, but raises the foam after open any bottle (from fridge). What could be the problem?
  12. Ninoid

    Yeast starter for reduction of esters

    I use only dry yeast and always pitch it to fermenter. Sometimes first hydrate it. And my beers ferments in uncontrolled, mostly warmed condition. What do you think would help to make a yeast starter with a little DME one day earlier and thus achieve overpitch in order to reduce esters?
  13. Ninoid

    Portable cooler as fermenter

    Does anyone use a 12V portable cooler as a fermenter? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-30L-12V-Electric-Car-Cooler-Warmer-Box-Refrigerator-Travel-Mini-Fridge-/302756212981 How does it work? Can it lower the temperature by 10 to 15 ° C?
  14. Ninoid

    Some bottles is almost flat

    In my last batch few bottles is almost flat. I use direct priming in bottles, without bucket, and test all bottles after setting the stopper. I never have this in previous batches. What is possible problems?
  15. Ninoid

    Too dark and too burnt

    I use only 5% of roasted barley and my beer is turned too dark and with burnt taste!? I thought I got dark red to brown beer, but it turned black and, worse, it had a burnt taste and smell. Do not understand what went wrong? Maybe I should have roasted malt at the end of the mash?
  16. Ninoid

    Fermentation temperature and attenuation

    Do higher fermentation temperature (on high end) can bring down attenuation of yeast?
  17. Ninoid

    Saison with M29 or BE-134 yeast

    I plan son to brew Saison and have M29 and BE-134 yeasts. Because I not have temperature controled fermentation, my plan is pitch yeast on actual room temperature (cca 28'C) and ferment in primary two weeks, bottling and conditioning more two weeks. Do it is good plan? Do I can use BE-134...
  18. Ninoid

    Flameout No Chill hop bitterness

    How I can calculate IBU of hops added in flameout and No Chill wort? I use BrewMate software for recipe creation.
  19. Ninoid

    Beer without malt

    Does anyone try to make beer without malt? For example, cereals (flaked barley or wheat) for body and simple sugar for alcohol?
  20. Ninoid

    Bitterness on gelatin fining beer

    I use gelatin fining on my last batch and bitterness is less that I expected. Do I must increase bitterness hop if use gelatin?