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    Concentrated Grape (muscat) juice

    Fairly simple question - I have a can of concentrated muscat grape juice that could be about 4 years old. I never got around to using it for the original plan. It's been stored cold the entire time (except 1 month when I was moving between states.) Would you think the juice is ok to use in a...
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    Ever see this after pitching your starter??

    I made a fresh 1.5L starter on Monday (Sept 15). On Tuesday I crashed it. Brewed today, Wednesday. I usually try to decant as much liquid as possible from my starter wort before pitching onto my fresh wort I brew. Today I couldn't pout off more than a third (~500mL) of my 1.5L starter before...
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    two stage propagation

    I am brewing 5 gallons this weekend for a festival at the end of March. My local supplier is running low on all yeasts bc of the deep freeze we have been in, the companies wont ship bc its just too damn cold and they are afraid the yeast will freeze. I ended up getting a 4 packs of wyeast as...
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    short and long term beer storage

    Greetings, Ive done a search and came up with varying results and wanted to get some fresh opinions. Can I remove a partially filled and properly carbonated keg from tap service and hit it with about 30psi and store it for a few weeks while I travel? Can the same be done for a new beer...
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    Waiting for wort to cool

    Folks, With the warm weather, house water, and using both a pre-and plate-chiller, I cannot get my wort south of 82F. Is there any harm in airlocking it and putting it in the chest freeze/ferment chamber and waiting for it to get to 65-70 before aerating and pitching yeast? Thanks for...
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    Drill Bit of Chassis Punch for 1/4" NPT

    Greetings, I am modifying my keg mash tun and adding a custom made thermowell that will accept a digital temperature probe. I am using a 1/4" tube compression to 1/4" NPT, where the NPT will pass through the keg wall. The 1/4" NPT outside diameter measures 0.518" on my caliper but an online...
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    Krausen dropped after 1 day

    This weekend was a nightmare as far as brewing goes. First I lost 5 gallons of finished imperial stout for St. Pattys when the bottom of the carboy fell out. I got over my depression :( (or at least tried to) by brewing an extract belgian IPA. Then I had some trouble with either my false...
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    Warm fermentation

    I brewed an american stout on Saturday based off the classic styles recipe (Z and P book). I chilled the wort to 65 using a plate chiller and pitched 2 packs of rehydrated dry yeast. Before pitching I measured the OG and found an astonishing 1.090!!! According to beer smith I should of been at...
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    For those who use space heaters in chamber

    Hello All, I use a space heater in my fermentation chamber with great success. Today I was notified of an unexpected work trip (3 days) and have a batch in primary fermenting away. My space heater normally runs with no problem and maintains 68F +/- 2 and cycles on and off every 20 min or so...
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    2 channel temperature controller

    I am looking for a 2 channel temperature controller where I can hook up my chest freezer and a warming element at the same time to really dial in my fermentation temperature. I remember seeing a 2 channel controller in the past, but can't seem to find one now. I have looked on Austin and Hearts...
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    Plate Chiller Celaning/Sanitizing

    Hello all, I've read most of the material on the board for cleaning/sanitizing a plate chiller. It ranges from pumping boiling wort through it for 15min to backflushing with oxyclean or PBW to placing the chiller in the oven at tempertures in excess of 350F for some time period. I'd like...