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  1. tuckferrorists

    WTB 7/16 barbes tailpiece for a shank

    Anybody know where I can get one of these $1 pieces for cheaper than $6 shipping? If anybody has an extra one, I would be more than happy paying a buck for it and shipping. Thanks! Tuck
  2. tuckferrorists

    Homebrew Store

    Nobody think there's a decent demand for a local homebrew store in Baton Rouge? I think the selection that Marcello's has is crap. Something I've always wanted to open.
  3. tuckferrorists

    Christmas in July

    Here in Louisiana, it doesn't get Christmasy till novemberish. But is anybody else brewing their Christmas ale this early? Got mine in the kettle now. That's Tmooka nursing an Abita amber. Pretty excited for our yearly Christmas party. This year on tap, we'll have Edwort's Apfelwein, Baby...
  4. tuckferrorists

    Pumpkin Ale vs. Christmas Ale

    Hi all, I wanted to do both a pumpkin ale and a christmas ale for this coming winter. My question is, would they taste nearly the same? I've heard that you don't really taste the pumpkin in a lot of pumpkin ales, but rather just the pumpkin spice. Are they going to be too similar? I plan on...
  5. tuckferrorists

    Brewing my son's namesake

    PORTER! Got the first hop addition going now. We have a boy due in October and named him what I always wanted to name my son. Porter! Anybody else brewing right now?
  6. tuckferrorists

    Please help my 3 month old daughter

    Hey guys, I realize I haven't posted in a while. Still enjoying homebrew, but with a new baby and working 60+ hours a week, "me" time is very minimal. As i get a moment to reflect, I ask you for 20 seconds of your time. We have never really won anything, but my daughter is in a photo contest to...
  7. tuckferrorists

    F*ck Gustav

    I'm writing from a connection tethered from my cell phone on a charged from my laptop. I think 90 percent or of us are out of power in Baton Rouge, and we are told to expect power in about 3-4 weeks. WEEKS! We got tore up over here, and I don't know what the national media is talking about, but...
  8. tuckferrorists

    BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse

    Anybody have one near them? Seems like they have quite a few restaurants. They are moving into Baton Rouge and I checked the website and surprisingly found the malts, hops, ibu, SG, and ABV. Everything but the Yeast which I'm guessing might not be too hard to figure out. Any body had one of...
  9. tuckferrorists

    LHBS Owner or Microbrewer

    I honestly think I would prefer to be a store owner and just be a homebrewer
  10. tuckferrorists

    Another What the Hell am I to use this for?

    A friend of mine had this keg laying around his house for several years he said. I think it's aluminum because it's rather light and looks slightly pitted, although it may just need a good cleaning. I don't know if i should use a scouring pad or what. It's like 3.785 gallon or somewhere around...
  11. tuckferrorists

    I want a beer belly so bad

    http://www.after5catalog.com/the-beer-belly-p-812.html?cPath=17_19 the beer cant be good coming from that straw but some crown would kick ass at the next lsu game.
  12. tuckferrorists

    shipped too much hops

    sorry if i trapped you in here thinking I was shipped an extra 20 lbs of fuggles or something, but I'm doing a harp clone mini mash from ahbs for my wife. I guess they have the pellets prepackaged and i was sent an extra 1/4 oz of mt hood and saaz. I want this to be as close as possible for my...
  13. tuckferrorists

    Brand new Perlicks for 27.99

    Is this a good deal? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250220857641&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123 I found this on Ebay last night and messaged the guy saying that I wanted to buy 4 but I wanted to buy them for 27.99 a piece and around 10 dollars shipping. I received an email...
  14. tuckferrorists

    why was this thread deleted Tx. HELP!

    I've sent a message to the "contact us" section at the bottom of the page and also 2 to Txbrew and have since received no response. I figured you may get this faster than you get a private message tx. "Hi tx. I just got home from work to check my replies and noticed that a thread that I...
  15. tuckferrorists

    Make your own LME

    Ever made your own LME to store and brew at a later date? What are the problems with this. It seems all that the extract manufacturers do is continue to boil until most of the water is removed. For recipes like Edwort's Haus Ale, it's all grain and I can't do it. I haven't found an extract...
  16. tuckferrorists

    Soda in soda kegs

    I really don't know where to post this so hopefully the mods can help me out. Has anyone actually bought the boxed bag soda concentrate from Sam's and put it in the corny keg and poured from the tap. Would you have to dilute it with boiled water that doesn't have oxygen and then pressurize it...
  17. tuckferrorists

    Ventmatic vs. Perlick

    What's the difference if any besides the price and if I had unlimited money, which one would you choose? I plan on buying 4 for now and another in the future. I really tried to find a thread that had this being discussed. I know most of you use Ventmatics, so try to stay unbiased. Thanks...
  18. tuckferrorists

    Chest Freezer help

    Ok guys. So for our first anniversary, my wife asked what I wanted and I said a chest freezer for a keezer. This is the first one I found and i think it's perfect. http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_04616959000P?vName=Appliances&cName=Freezers couple of questions. How many corny's...
  19. tuckferrorists

    pictures of full carboys

    I LOVE this picture that Evan! (great name) posted here https://cdn.homebrewtalk.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=4577&c=1&userid=4914 Does anybody else have their own massive amount of full carboys just fermenting away? I would love to make it my wallpaper to show my wife how serious I am about...
  20. tuckferrorists

    Most famous person from your high school

    Bobby Hebert (former N.O. Saints QB)