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    Parti-Gyle Session Beer w/ Kveik

    PARTI-GYLE SESSION BEER using Tomasgard dry kveik from Mainiacal Yeast 03/17/19 (BREW DAY) I wanted to do a parti-gyle beer to take advantage of the 15 lbs of Pilsner malt I mashed for a Belgian Style Quad. Unfortunately I didn’t think ahead. So I scrounged up what odds and ends grains I had...
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    Traditional Avocado Blossom Mead

    I started a new batch of mead this last weekend with 5 pounds of avocado honey I purchased at a farmers market way back in October 2014. Purchased the honey, put in the back of the closet and forgotten about until recently. I decided to make this small batch of traditional mead in order to...
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    My Meandering Sour Scottish Ale

    In hindsight, I wish I would have started a thread on this beer months ago, but there was no real plan at the start. I just sort of rolled along making decisions as I brewed other beers and as I started getting more and more interested in drinking sour beers. So here is my tale. Sorry for the...
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    How many dregs are too many dregs?

    Is there a point at which adding more dregs to your sour beer that already has some dregs added is a moot point? Or do you feel it's worth doing no matter how many dregs have already been added and no matter how long the beer has been aging with other bugs? I recently brewed a lambic, and I...