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  1. Flynn_Lives_Badges


  2. l_099379bafd23409fb52bd44cbfec643d


    acrylic 9" x 12"???
  3. sleepinginchina


  4. my_darkstar_wooden


  5. Wheat King

    Which label do you like?

    i like #3 because it has that retro vibe. looks like a 50's atomic family product label, and i happen to like that. theyre actually all good though, so i dont think you could go wrong with any of them. maybe you should use all 3, on bottles for different batches?
  6. dance_copy


  7. Wheat King

    My latest label

    nice and clean like the colors and i am always a sucker for a nice 'parchment' style background
  8. spy_exp_B


  9. spy_exp


  10. markerspencils--gtphotoshop


    markers, pencils --> photoshop
  11. Wheat King

    My First Labels

    that blonde woman kinda scares me
  12. Wheat King

    New label for my second brew. A Steam(c)(tm)(r) beer

    awesome! im glad you were able to elimiante the white 'glow' from around the image. that robot is freakin sweet!
  13. Wheat King

    Help! Label critique, please.

    yea they look pretty sweet. why not google image search for "parchment" or "old paper" or whatever and just apply the texture in photoshop or gimp or whatever. that way you can make the 'paper' any color you want. that would be super super easy to do
  14. kangaroos_frame_1


  15. robotframe


    little, square wood frame painted with acrylics
  16. monsterframe


    little, square wood frame painted with acrylics
  17. Wheat King

    vanilla porter label

    i like #1 #2 seems too dirty keep it clean thank you thank you
  18. Wheat King

    Label for my "baby beer"

    i like the color scheme you guys picked out for the room!
  19. Wheat King

    This is a fun forum!

    sweet label hahah. it reminds me of the Bud Bowl of course! awesome!!!
  20. FOGO_for_web