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  1. K

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    5308 + 20 = 5328 5 honey wheat 5 Guinness clone 5 coffee stout 5 blue moon clone
  2. K

    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    coffee stout and blue moon clone
  3. K

    Beer Geeks vs. Beer Snobs?

    every body is hitting the nail on the head. IMO beer geeks love beer, beer snobs look down on people for not drinking what they do. BMC drinkers don't even phase me because you see so much of it and at least they're drinking beer. i give the commercial breweries credit for controlling 95% of...
  4. K

    What came in the mail for you today?

    noble trapist ale kit from midwest for a buddy. i love brewing and want to brew more but don't want to be a full blown alcoholic or give tons of it away so i now have my friends ordering kits and shipping them to my house. i brew it, make them help bottle (over beers of course), keep a sixer...
  5. K

    Homebrew Supply Websites

    i like midwest quite a bit. easy to navigate the site, fast shipping, they have a rewards program, i haven't researched extensively but their prices w/ shipping seem lower than average. seems they mess up orders quite a bit but they correct them easily and quickly.
  6. K


    Better pic attached now
  7. K


    Finished my 4th all grain batch and have been noticing 'floaters." Mash tun is homemade and a rectangular cooler w the steel dishwasher hose as a filter and a ball valve then nipple. I do about 8 quarts of vorlauf after the mash. There arent chunks of grain and the wort is pretty clear but there...
  8. K

    How I print beer lables for cheap. small runs and long runs, waterproof-ish.

    Just wanted to say thanks, thanks, and thank you! This is genius. I got them printed at staples on glossy paper for around $6 or 7 and they even cut every single one out for me for $1 more. If you have them cut before you have to be careful when spraying the clear coat because they will blow...
  9. K

    All Grain Brew Kettle Size

    I'm going All-Grain very soon. Looks like being able to grow into doing 10 gal batches is the best route. As I was recently hauling my 5 gallon fermenter around, I started wondering is it possible to work with a 15 gal kettle without a spigot?
  10. K

    Wedding Home Brew Help

    Good news, found a banquet hall that said since it was a private party not open to the public that they pretty much let the bride/groom do what they want
  11. K

    Wedding Home Brew Help

    That seems like the best option for now but I'd way rather have home brew on tap at the reception.
  12. K

    Wedding Home Brew Help

    I am wanting to make the beer for the reception for obvious reasons but every venue in town says their liquor license would be revoked if they offered outside beer. For those that brewed for their wedding or friends' wedding how did you go about doing it?
  13. K

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    This, plus making an excel spreadsheet planning out the beers you're going to make month by month
  14. K

    What your pet peeve about Brewing

    Definitely removing labels and bottling.
  15. K

    Label Removal Thread

    Definitely doing this!
  16. K

    How I print beer lables for cheap. small runs and long runs, waterproof-ish.

    How do they keep up in ice? And you can buy what I believe is called flyer paper at Staples and print yourself. It looks just as good as what Kinkos prints.
  17. K

    Label Removal Thread

    The hottest water ever and dish soap (didn't measure, probably close to 2 TBSP) in the bath tub (did 50 at once) for 15-30 minutes. I'm sure longer would be better and even draining the water after it cools and re-filling with scalding hat water again. 312 were the easiest, as in barely any...
  18. K

    Chilling Wort

    Thanks guys!
  19. K

    Chilling Wort

    Jayhem, once I read your response I was like "duh" haha. Switching to all grain soon, looks like i'll be using a wort chiller. Mac, thanks for the link! I always like saving money.