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  1. TeleTwanger

    American Vs British Pint Glass

    I like the sleek look of the American pint glass but as far as utility is concerned the British with its bump wins out. I used to think the bump was only for keeping a grip when pissed but it also serves as a rim protector when the glass is tipped.
  2. TeleTwanger

    Whole Hop Source: Target,Challenger,Northdown?

    Anybody know where I can get any or all of these in whole form? I tried NorthernBrewer,Austin,Grape&G,Williams,Ebrew,and Midwest to no avail. Thanks!
  3. TeleTwanger

    West Yorkshire Ale Yeast

    Anybody use this? I'm making a best bitter with it, here's the recipe: og 1.042 fg 1.010 ibu 33 7 lbs Marris Otter 5 oz crystal 60L 4 oz wheat malt .9 oz Challenger 60 .5 oz Challenger 15 1 oz Northdown 0 mash 154F 60 what do you think?
  4. TeleTwanger

    Gyle for Priming

    I'm gonna start doing this for every batch. It seems like it would be a lot easier than buying, measuring, boiling, cooling, sugar for priming. Going by Papazain's formula for 5 gallons = to 5 oz corn sugar you just divide 60 by the last 2 numbers of the og to get the qts gyle needed. So for...
  5. TeleTwanger

    bottling with no power

    Good times! Just as I was about to rack to my bucket to bottle we had a black out. A few candles and about 1 qt on the floor later and I'm done. That was interesting, maybe I'll call this beer, 'Blackout IPA'.
  6. TeleTwanger

    copper pot for decoctions?

    I was reading about how copper ions catalyse maillard reactions and was thinking if one could get a small (2 gallon) copper stock pot to boil decoctions in and whether this could add some interesting color/flavor to decocted worts. Maybe it would be a relatively cheap way to get the benefits of...
  7. TeleTwanger

    Diacytel Dilemma

    I've got an IPA fermenting with Ringwood Ale yeast that requires a full diacytel rest and its been in the primary for 6 days @ 68F and now that primary has slowed significantly I'm trying to raise the temps to +70F but using thermo underwear, a towel and a lined hoodie i'm able to only raise it...
  8. TeleTwanger

    My Dogfish 60 Clone, what a PITA!

    I figured out a hop schedule that I think is a good compromise to the continuous hopping technique but it was still a PITA. It's more of a staggered hop schedule I guess. Here's the recipe: og 1.070 IBU 60 12 lbs pale malt 6 oz amber Strike 4.5 gallons 166F Mash 151F 60 min .25 oz...
  9. TeleTwanger

    First time Better Bottle user

    It's official: i'm converted. No more 6.5G carboys for me, Better Bottles are simply better. I always preferred glass but after finding a small yet potentially disaster causing crack on the bottom of my glass primary I went ahead and got a BB. These things rock! For one they are light as crap...
  10. TeleTwanger

    PSA: Weigh your pre-weighed priming sugar

    Just for kicks I weighed some pre-weighed packaged priming sugar I have labled as 3/4 C and it weighs 3 ounces(85 grams). Am I crazy or should'nt they weigh 4 ounces? (114 grams)? I know some pre-weighed primers are labled 5 ounces even. WTF?
  11. TeleTwanger

    American Amber Ale Boston Ale Clone

    Mash: 8 lbs Pale Malt .5 lbs Crystal 60L .25 lbs Carapils Single infusion 152F 60 min Hops: 1.5 oz Spalt pellet 5%AA 60 min (28 IBU) 1 oz EK Gold pellet 5%AA 15 min (5 IBU) 1 oz Whitbred Golding plug (dryhop last 10 days secondary) Substitutions: East Coast Ale yeast works well...
  12. TeleTwanger

    Thoughts on this Alt beer recipe

    A freind of mine is coming from Dusseldorf and I want to impress her with some good beer. She's not a homebrewer but being as she's from the home of Alt i'm sure she knows a good alt when she tatses it. I've been messing around/tweaking with The Kaiser's recipe and this is what I've got...
  13. TeleTwanger

    I did something stupid

    Ugh I had the perfect batch going. I hit my mash temp dead on ending up at 80% efficiency, I had a resplendent vorlauf, the sparge was amazing, I got a great hot break, and I even remembered to throw in a whirlfloc tab but then it happened: I put my kettle in a tub with ice water, hooked up my...