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  1. TheBluePhantom

    Any Flaws in my Plan?

    Full disclosure, this is toxic to dogs and causes diarrhea in people intolerant of it. If you are going to use it, know what you are using,
  2. TheBluePhantom

    Chest Freezer Specs and Layouts

    Measured a Magic Chef at home depot about 4 years ago. Plenty of room for 4 kegs. The salesman asks me to take the one in the box, not the floor model, he doesn't want to unbox another. that should have been a clue, who would take the floor model first? get home, unpack, drill a few holes in...
  3. TheBluePhantom

    Any Flaws in my Plan?

    GIve peas a chance!
  4. TheBluePhantom

    Black Friday BLOWOUT @ Kegconnection + $100 Gift Card Giveaway

    nice, Maybe a kegwasher, or a keg...
  5. TheBluePhantom

    Keg dip tube off center.

    Is there a chance you swapped this tube with another keg? I swapped tubes (washing multiple kegs) among several kegs and found they are not all the same, even though they were the same brand keg. Purchased new, not used.
  6. TheBluePhantom

    Drying yeast

    I have to go and work on a really cool logo, that is what sells this stuff. Oh, and it will use "sterile dehydration media, sold separately" Also know as coffee filters. You have to establish a long term revenue stream after all
  7. TheBluePhantom

    Drying yeast

    What we need to do is to is work out a decent process, make small dehydrators, and sell them to homebrewers. We already know they will buy every darn gizmo in existence. We can call it Mr Yeast
  8. TheBluePhantom

    Double sugar disaster

    you may have racked early. buckets can leak gas. invest in a hydrometer, OG and FG will tell you much more. a good investment toward better beer and keep an eye on it. if the gravity was high, you may have bottle bombs.
  9. TheBluePhantom

    Drying yeast

    You could make the same argument for malt vs. malt extract. If you could mash in your kitchen,,,, wait, many do. Probably more appropriate would be comparing to buying malt vs. malting your own. Most of us buy malt, but some like to experiment, take it a bit further. Maybe to say they did...
  10. TheBluePhantom

    I have so many jars of yeast in my fridge...

    As you say, Thanksgiving is coming. Make a batch of very yeasty dinner rolls. I only have a few jars and I am thinking of that for fun.
  11. TheBluePhantom

    Leaky keg help

    FWIW, the threads don't seal pressure. Only the o-ring seals pressure. O-rings wear out. Keep spares around, they are cheap, cheaper than leaks. I think the last bag I bought on Amazon was about $9 for 100 of the PRV. (they also fit some poppets)
  12. TheBluePhantom

    BEST/WORST thing anyone has ever said about your own HB?

    Worst: From the wife: "I like this one better." I had gotten a Mr Beer kit from a guy at work (I wanted the plastic bottles for the beach). It had an expiration date 4 years earlier. I was in a good mood so, on kind of a self dare, I boiled up some water, threw in the HME from the kit, a...
  13. TheBluePhantom

    The worst brewday of my brewing life.

    Did the kids take the clean ones at least? I was sitting upstairs one day and I look at the dog and see her chewing on an airlock. Someone left the gate open and the dog went in to the brew room and stole an airlock off of a full carboy!
  14. TheBluePhantom

    Make your own beer, they said. You'll save money, they said.

    I do that occasionally. nothing fancy, just a tube, sanitized in the nozzle of a picnic tap, fill from the bottom up. Have it a little overcarbed if you can, you will lose some CO2. Get the bottles colder than hell and it will minimize foaming, turn down the serving pressure a bit so it goes...
  15. TheBluePhantom

    Baking Yeast?

    Bakers yeast has one purpose that I have heard of: JAOM. But if you are going to buy honey, you should probably get fresh yeast, too.
  16. TheBluePhantom

    More shopping advice: Torpedo vs Corney Kegs

    fyi, adventures sells 5, 3, 2.5, 1.75 rubber handle corny style here: Home Brew Kegs - New and Used Kegs for Kegging Homebrew they are slim ones, about 8.5 inches.
  17. TheBluePhantom

    Oops - Cooled but rewarmed - good, bad, neutral?

    The big problem with doing that is extra time in the temp zone for infection. But since you went to 160, that should kill off anything that got in anyway. Just don't tell anyone and you are good. Oh, wait. Too late....
  18. TheBluePhantom

    Sweet bottle carbed Pasturisation plan.

    You don't have to tell me about old stuff. My bench capper is my grandfathers, same one I used as a kid on soda. It is back from the 30's or so. My kid did a soda with it, so 4 generations on the same capper. I have several carboys that say Absopure from my father, from when they converted...
  19. TheBluePhantom

    Keezer Beer line length

    Thee 1 ft per psi rule works well with 3/16" line. I have all mine at 12' for beer, never a foam issue. I have soda lines at 25', the regulator is set for 25psi. The sodas only foam if they are still carbing, a week or so later they are fine. I use velcro cable ties to keep things...
  20. TheBluePhantom

    Sweet bottle carbed Pasturisation plan.

    Come over to the dark side, we have taps...:bigmug: