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    All Grain Brown ALe - John Palmer Elevensees

    Brewing this tomorrow...it is a kit from Northern Brewer. When I enter this into Beersmith I have the following differences from what the kit specifies: 1) O.G. for me with my efficiency is only 1.040 versus the 1.045 called for O.G. No issue, I can add a little light DME to get gravity where...
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    Rectangular Mash Tun versus Round

    I have been using a homemade rectangular cooler as a mash tun. I get different mash temp readings in different places in the cooler....I am sure because of the non-symmetry of the cooler and heat transfer. (i.e. corners for example) I assume a round mash tun will give a more consistent...
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    Need Advice ASAP

    Brewing Biermuncher Centenniel Blonde. My pre-boil volume should have been 7.2 gallons for my setup. It is actually 7.7. Never missed my volumes by this much before. Anyway....my plan is to boil 30 minutes to evaporate 1/2 gallon......then that will be the starting point of what should be my...
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    Fellow FRIDAY Brewers

    Well it's been quite some time since I have brewed....and I feel shame. So I decided to work from home this morning and take off the second half of the day and brew a batch of Dead Ringer IPA. Wondering who else is brewing today and what is your flavor of the day? Cheers!
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    Who is Brewing Memorial Day Weekend?

    Post when and what you are brewing this weekend! I am brewing Saturday......Centenniel Blonde...... My cousin and his adult (early 20's) sons are coming up to partake in the brew session as a learning experience because they want to get into homebrewing......more homebrew addicts to be...
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    Munich Malt .....Crystal or Roasted

    Brewing today and I use BrunWater for water adjustments. I have some Munich 10L malt in recipe and selected roast malt for its type in BrunWater. Predicted pH was 5.3 for mash. My mash came in at 5.6 when I measured it,.....still within range of "good" pH...but....usually I am right on...
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    SMaSH Vienna/Northern Brewer

    I saw a thread on favorite SMaSH brews.....and a very popular combination seems to be Vienna and Northern Brewer. I have never done a SMaSH and want to try. Did not see a specific recipe with OG....FG....target IBU and hop addition times, etc.....or yeast. Anyone out there do a SMaSH in...
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    Homebrew at Cookout

    Feeling good.....4th of July cookout and my kegged Centenniel Blonde is getting hit hard......success....
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    WTF is with all of the Asian Alphabet Spams!

    Looks like someone is disrupting the forum with the Asian alphabet spams....though I cannot read it of course.....it cant be legitimate Hope a moderator or site controller shuts them down ASAP.....very annoying :mad:
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    First Time Kegging.....irritated...

    Kegged for first time 2 days ago.....force carbed beer at 30 psi for 36 hours....vented keg and dropped back to 13 psi this morning I bought a simple party tap for now....until I am ready to rig fridge up with real taps, etc.... Anyway....to check beer carbonation hooked up party tap with...
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    Cacao Nibs in Secondary

    I have a NB all grain kit for Chocolate Milk Stout....brewed it today. Calls for 2 weeks primary and 2 weeks secondary....with cocao nibs added to secondary for the 2 weeks. Do I need to soak Cocao nibs in vodka to sanitize or just toss them in and should be ok since at that point alcohol in...
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    Force Carbing....specific situation

    Kegged a 5 gallon batch of Biermuncher Centenniel Blonde Wednesday at 6 PM Trying to get it to 2.6 volumes by 2PM Saturday..... Beer temp = 40F Right now I got it at 30 psi....plan was as follows: 30 psi, 24 hours 13 psi, 44 hours (13 psi will be 2.6 volumes if given enough time)...
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    bad Yeast - Starter Issues

    Did a 1L starter last nite for WLP036 9Dusseldorf Alt). Packaged date was 4 months ago....nice job LHBS....anyway figured be fine with starter. This was first time doing starter with stir plate . Loose aluminum foil on top erlemeyer flask. Been 21 hours and i have seen no krausen or...
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    Who is Brewing this 4th of July....or at least the weekend?

    While I am not Brewing on the 4th (since we are having family over for some grillin' and Homebrew Drinking).....I will be Brewing on Thursday July 2nd...which is the start of my mini 5-day vacation for the 4th of July weekend. I will be brewing a Dusseldorf Alt for the first time. It will be...
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    Yeast Starter w Stir Plate

    I will be using a stir plate for the first time for my starter Beersmith is telling me a 0.75 L starter with Stir Plate will give me 185 billion cells and my recipe requires 175 billion (my starter would be 1.040 SG...and I am assuming beersmith uses 1.040 in the calculation since that is...
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    First Beer to Keg!

    Just transferred my Centenniel Blonde to Secondary. I normally do not do a secondary.....but wanted to have it as clean as possible before transferring my first beer to my new keg. (First time kegging). I am planning secondary for 4-5 more days then a cold crash (after confirming FG) in...
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    Stir Plate - Recommendations

    Looking to buy a stir plate for yeast starters...... Looking for recommendations for those of you with stir plates that work well and are reliable..... I'm not interested in building one......just want to buy a reliable one and be done with it. Thanks!
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    Keg Cleaning Brush Needed?

    Buying all of my "stuff" for kegging this week...... Anal retentive question.....should I buy a keg cleaning brush (for keg itself....I am getting dip tube brush)....looks like most people just soak in PBW rinse and sanitize.
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    First Time Kegging......

    I just brewed a batch of Biermunchers Centenniel Blonde.....which will be the first batch of beer I keg. (Been brewing Centenniel Blonde for years...but have been a bottler until now). I would like to have ready for July 4th. The way I figure it...since this beer is a quick turnaround....I...
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    For those about to brew......

    ....I salute you! (my version of AC/DC)