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  1. Bedlam

    Ballast Point Brewing Score

    Let me start by saying that El Hubbo must love me. Yesterday, he went to Boone, NC to get a roof rack installed on my WRX. While there, he wandered down to one of my fav beer stores. As instructed, he began by asking the knowledgable and handsome beer clerks what was the deal o' the day...
  2. Bedlam

    A dog for my sister--Rotty, Dobie, Boxer or German Shepherd?

    All, My sister has an aging Boxer, Sonny Liston, who she adores. He is exceedingly well-trained and her best pal. Sonny knows many commands and is her constant companion. But due to some medical issues, she is anticipating having to choose another dog soon and would like some "overlap", so...
  3. Bedlam

    Bedlam's Brew Shed Build

    El Hubbo and I have been scheming for some time about our next building project: a combination root cellar, garden shed and brewing/canning shed. The site: It will be 12' X 16', with the back wall dug into the bank and a second floor that will be the brewing/canning area. Off one side...
  4. Bedlam

    Not enamored with Apple

    Okay...Rant on. I'm sorry, but I just need to vent. I got some money for technology use for my job and I decided to go with an Apple Macbook pro. It made sense at the time. I love my iPhone and liked my Ipod okay when I had it. Apple is "known" for being the leader in things that I like...
  5. Bedlam

    "Ale Pail" lid woes

    El Hubbo was kind enough to purchase me another fermentation bucket, one that has "Ale Pail" written on it, but it has a different lid on it than my other ones. My other buckets have a thicker lip over the seal and I have a handy plastic opener that works like a charm. This new "Ale Pail"...
  6. Bedlam

    High Country Brewfest in Boone, NC

    Just bought our tickets and made a hotel reservation! I'm so pumped about this. The list of breweries include some of my favorites and there look to be some interesting seminars. Best of all, one of the beneficiaries of the event is the Appalachian State University Fermentation Sciences...
  7. Bedlam

    Thinking about outdoor canopies...looking for guidance

    Hi, folks! El Hubbo and I are considering putting up one of those heavy-duty canvas shelters. Long-range plans are to build an actual building for vehicle parking, but we would like an interim solution. We figure it will be of year-round use and probably would hope to get 3-4 years out of...
  8. Bedlam


    I first heard the phrase "I'm blessed" as an answer to my generic salutation from a large woman who said it, actually, kind of hatefully. At the time, I marveled at the irony. Tonight, I'm feelin' it. Ask me tonight, after four beers, how I am and I will tell you that I feel blessed. And I...
  9. Bedlam

    Article from Slate re: Beer Cocktails

    I've never really explored the world of beer cocktails, but am not opposed...at least, not when crappy beer is involved. I don't think I could take an otherwise nice ESB and junk it up with soda or lemon or anything. But to dress up something less than perfect...hmmmm. In any event, I...
  10. Bedlam

    Need help finding a beer

    Folks, Last year I went to Vermont for the holidays and brought back a selection of regional beers for friends to savor. We are returning to the area this year and one of my pals wanted me to bring back his favorite, but he can't remember what it was. All he can recall is that it had a...
  11. Bedlam


    Conversation between myself and El Hubbo: El Hubbo: "So if Georgia wins, will you still be in the mood for [martial relations]?" Me: "Oh, no way." El Hubbo: "Wait, let me get this straight. . .If Georgia wins, I get a keg of beer but there is no [marital relations]. But if Tennessee wins...
  12. Bedlam

    Transporting a keg via motorcycle...any thoughts?

    All, I've brewed what I hope will be a nice bitter in order to take from TN to Pennsylvania here in a few weeks. It has been sitting in the secondary looking tasty and is about ready to keg. The catch: It has to go on this: :ban: My plan was to pressurize it up to about, oh...
  13. Bedlam

    Woot Off!

    Just clicked over to the site and discovered that my day's productivity has just been chucked out the window. Woot...a blessing or a curse? :)
  14. Bedlam

    Valentine's Day...a success story of true love

    I have not historically been a big fan of valentines day...such a crock, actually. Just another marketing plot to cheapen something special in order to make a buck, and at the expense of setting expectations to a level that anything less than a picture-perfect day is disappointing. It is a...
  15. Bedlam

    da BEARS!

    Sorry...just had to say it. A little homebrew, a little smashmouth football in the snow at Soldier Field...it makes for a good afternoon. Sigh. Happiness.
  16. Bedlam

    Jeep Vs. FJ Cruiser...opinions sought

    I have a 2008 Wrangler, which I love...for the most part. We live at elevation and a "TRUE" 4x4 is a must. My Jeep has tackled the snow/ice admirably, with the addition of dedicated snow tires on an extra set of rims. THis makes it exceedingly nimble and sure-footed. Plus, it just looks...
  17. Bedlam

    Jack Daniels grilling pellets?

    So, I was bumming around a store and ran up on these: For a coupla bucks, I thought what the hey and bought them. When I opened the bag, it sure enough does smell like oak and whiskey deliciousness. So, I was thinking about experimenting a little by throwing a few into a hop bag and...
  18. Bedlam

    Wow...Paul Newman brand coffee...

    Now, I'm not a big coffee nerd/snob, so I just typically get whatever looks good. I like to try different kinds just for the hell of it, and not being a big coffee drinker, I don't go through it that quickly. Last week I saw a "Paul Newman" blend on sale and I like his philanthorpic style so...
  19. Bedlam

    thinking of building a sauna...

    El Hubbo and I were discussing hiw we'd enjoy a nice swedish sauna here at our little cabin in the forest. Anyone done this and have some advice? Kit or from scratch? Redwood or native materials? Dos and don'ts?
  20. Bedlam

    A-Ha! News I can use: "Women drinkers gain less weight"

    Finally, something I can tell my judgemental relatives who bitch about my brewing hobby: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/08/women-drinkers-gain-less-weight/?em :rockin: