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  1. AndytheBeave

    hop plant health degradation - cut losses or what?

    hey guys, I was wondering you gurus could provide a bit of insight and advice. I want to improve my hop growing for next year and learn from my mistakes this year. I have 4 different varieties growing right now, and all of them are in vastly differnt states of health. They are as follows...
  2. AndytheBeave

    Visiting San Antonio this September

    Hey everyone, I am heading to San Antonio this September. Does anyone have any advice for some good brew pubs to visit? What other beer related tourist attractions should I check out while I am in the area?
  3. AndytheBeave

    Wyest 1332 - krausen sludgy as doom metal

    Hey everyone. I noticed a funny issue with Wyeast 1332 that I have never seen before. I typically use dry yeasts (S04 and US05 are my go-to yeasts for ales and Belle Saison for saisons). I brewed up an APA and used a wyeast 1332 smack pack (no starter). I wanted to do a bit of an experiment...
  4. AndytheBeave

    Looking for advice on my 2nd year hops

    Hey guys, My second year Willamettes are coming up really well here in South-Western Canada. I have 4 good shoots coming up. Well I guess you can't call them shoots anymore. 1 is now a bine that is starting to grow up a bamboo pole and is well over a foot tall. The others are about 8", 6" and...
  5. AndytheBeave

    Rebuttal to AB super bowl ad

    I did a quick check and did not find this thread. It is a duplicate please move and/or delete. Either way - enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEKqLxtjwDQ
  6. AndytheBeave

    What to do with an unsealed SS conical

    Hey guys, A colleague of mine (who happens to be a tin basher) decided to be ultra cool and built me a stainless steal conical fermenter from scratch. The problem is that upon inspection of the interior of the fermenter, the seams are not sealed and need quite a bit of cleaning up (there is a...
  7. AndytheBeave

    Critique on my take on a Irish Cream Christmas Stout

    So I was thinking that I could get an interesting Irish cream type flavour in a stout by incorporating Irish whiskey soaked oak chips and vanilla. I am sure someone has tried something similar to this, but I would love a bit of feedback. I am going to try it out in the next couple of weeks but...
  8. AndytheBeave

    What to brew this Candian Thanksgiving Weekend?

    Here's what I have on hand Malts/Grain: Premium 2 Row Crystal 70/80 Home toasted 2 row Crystal 120 Roasted Barley Chocolate Malt Biscuit Malt Hops: Falcon's Flight, Zythos, Columbus, Chinook I am fighting between some sort of stout and some sort of brown ale. Or both perhaps?
  9. AndytheBeave

    really low gravity

    soooooo, I botched up an all grain Smash Ale today and ended up with a really low OG (1.032). I decided to do a brew with Pale Ale malt (in addition to a pound of toasted pale ale malt). Here is what happened: I got a great deal on the grain but it wasn't crushed. I don't have a grain mill and...
  10. AndytheBeave

    Yeast Washing + Starter = Success. A newbie's point of view

    So, like many other newbs on this forum I was a little nervous about using my washed yeast for the first time. About a month ago I washed the yeast out of an American style Ale (thanks Yooper for setting me straight on my style misdirection!). It was originally S-04. Last weekend I decided to...
  11. AndytheBeave

    diacetyl or paranoia? or both?

    I am hoping maybe one of you gurus can put some fears to rest for me. Last week I brewed up my 5th all grain brew (2nd in my new converted cooler). I did up an English style ale: 10 lbs Canadian 2 row 2 Lbs Munich 1 lb crystal 20l 1 lb biscuit malt Northern Brewer hops for bittering (1 oz...