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    Cider or Cyser. How's it gonna turn out?

    Check. Will add a bit of Nutrient and Energizer with yeast. I think I will keep the sugar for back sweetening. I may end up using honey to sweeten. Also some pectic enzyme to work on it prior to the yeast toss is a great idea. I may end up putting in just a touch of lemon juice, like 1...
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    Cider or Cyser. How's it gonna turn out?

    Nope, All natrual, no preservitives, honest to goodness opaque whole apple juice, bits still in is what I used. Very tasty hot drink for all. I'll put together the remains tomarrow with the yeast. I think I'll leave out the sugar and back sweeten it. I think that it will turn out good. Next...
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    First Cider... a few quick questions:

    After doing some research on Lactose, I have found the 1/2 pound of Lactose in 5 gallons of liquid is equal to 5% the amount of Lactose in Milk. Something to consider. I was checking this out to see how much it is and if it is truly something to worry about for those that are only mildly...
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    Cider or Cyser. How's it gonna turn out?

    Ok, This probably belongs here. I made a non-alcoholic cider, some say Wassil. Recipie: 6 gallons of whole apple juice 1 vanilla bean 4 sticks of cinnomon (about 2inches) 1/4 apple stuffed with whole cloves 1 whole nutmeg freashly crushed Sweetened with about 2 pounds of honey 8...
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    so many pears....

    I made a pear mead nutmeg mead once. Oh, Gods did it turn out good. I juiced them by freezing, thaw, blenderize, run through a screen twice , take pulp and freeze/thaw, pectin enzyme for 1 hr, blenderize again and run through a screen. The resulting pulp may have had some juice in it but...