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  1. Sir Humpsalot

    Bourbon County Stout clone attempt

    I have no idea. I keg. :-) google around and see what kind of luck people are having with those specialty priming tabs with yeast in them. That would probably be your best bet. just be patient. It will take quite some time to bottle carb.
  2. Sir Humpsalot

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    4860.5 + 3.5 gallons cherry eis + 10 gallons honey lager = 4874
  3. Sir Humpsalot

    NB Hack: Save ~$5 per sack of grain

    Hey folks! I just figured this out today and thought that some of you who can't get in on a group buy might appreciate it. If you are buying a bunch of heavy stuff (such as specialty grains by the pound or malt extract), in addition to a sack or three of grain, from NorthernBrewer, you can save...
  4. Sir Humpsalot

    Beers for non-beer lovers

    Is that one beer? Or a mix of their berry and their shandy?
  5. Sir Humpsalot

    Beers for non-beer lovers

    So if somebody says they don't like beer, but are willing to try a few, which ones would you acquire or recommend to them? My list includes: Lindemanns Framboise; A fresh Hefeweizen (freshness is generally more important than brand, IMO); A sour (ie, Rodenbach); Hmmm... Can't think of any...
  6. Sir Humpsalot

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Just wait till you try my Pale Stout. :mug:
  7. Sir Humpsalot

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I believe you! :mug:
  8. Sir Humpsalot

    Beer gas

    Hmmm you mean people pay money for beer gas? And all this time, I've just been letting mine out into the atmosphere!!! :drunk:
  9. Sir Humpsalot

    Parti-Gyle help

    Another option is to add a bit more grain for your second runnings. There's no reason you must keep the grain bill identical. For example, you could take a bunch of two-row to make a barleywine... and then add some crystal malt and make an amber... or some roasted barley to make a stout. Your...
  10. Sir Humpsalot

    Help Me Get Into Guns...

    Thanks for that. I appreciate the insight. But obviously you have never seen my coffee maker!!! LOL I'm an espresso fiend!!!! Gaggia, FTW!!!!! Haha. Seriously though, I see your point. it's a whole philosophical thing relating to gun ownership and use. I find that interesting as well. Thanks...
  11. Sir Humpsalot

    Help Me Get Into Guns...

    So, I got my FOID card, but I'm not really into guns. I do have a track record of indulging in risky hobbies with a perfect safety record. I've raced cars (wish I could afford to do more), I ride crotch rockets 12 months a year, I have flown airplanes. I tend to approach things from a very...
  12. Sir Humpsalot

    don't give me a stupid napkin

    The bartender is mad at you for not having proper coasters at his establishment! Shame on you!
  13. Sir Humpsalot

    Mango Pale Ale Dilemma

    I did fresh mangoes. 5lbs. I started to get pro at cutting them up. :) I'll mention my sanitizing technique for any who may be interested: I made 2L of starsan, pulled a mango out of the starsan, and dunked another in there as I cut up the previous one. I used a starsanned knife on a starsanned...
  14. Sir Humpsalot

    Homebrewing in a CT Condo Complex

    Jamie has some excellent insight. My less-than-truthful suggestion is to start referring to that big pot as your gumbo kettle. You use it to make huge batches of gumbo, although yes, on that day, it so happened you were making beer. Not that cooking gumbo will make a difference, but it will get...
  15. Sir Humpsalot

    Idea for a LHBS / BBQ shop

    another angle to make a buck: Whenever there is a festival or something where food is being sold, even if you aren't putting up your tent and selling food, other businesses are. Combine forces. Take the restaurant who knows how to sell food and has the manpower, see if you can piggy back...
  16. Sir Humpsalot

    Idea for a LHBS / BBQ shop

    Just keep it realistic. You aren't going to sell a lot to college kids. They don't have a lot. However, they are open to trying new things, they are curious, can be whipped up into a little bit of competitive spirit, especially for a good cause or a bit of recognition. And they can say good...
  17. Sir Humpsalot

    Idea for a LHBS / BBQ shop

    That is awesome! I love the pig drinking beer. How's the greek/frat life in your town? Are there any bbq competitions? Being able to supply plans for a 55gallon smokers to fraternities and a such, along with hosting a competition could bring a lot of attention to your endeavor. Don't forget...
  18. Sir Humpsalot

    Favorite Rum

    Seriously, what's the skinny on Sailor Jerry. I hear a lot of people talking about it, but it's cheaper than Bacardi and I personally blame Bacardi for most peoples' hatred of rum, so I've been loathe to try something else in that range. Good rum is as good as a fine scotch or whiskey, for...
  19. Sir Humpsalot

    "So and so" is a beer connoisseur

    I refer to some people as beer common-sewers. They are the ones that soak up all your homebrew but really don't know the difference and would be just as happy getting buzzed on something else.
  20. Sir Humpsalot

    Happiness is a full pipeline!

    I have 6 carboys and 10 kegs and absolutely zero chance of keeping them all full while doing 5 gallon stovetop batches. But I'm trying. See my sig below... and note that I have everything I need to do a triple brew day today (though I usually stop after 2).