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  1. masskrug

    IBU Question

    I can throw 1 oz. of Chinook into the boil for 18 minutes and achieve 25 IBUs OR I can scatter it through a 60 minute boil (.333 at 60, .333 at 20, .333 at 7) and achieve the same 25 IBUs. Will there be a noticeable taste difference between these two recipes? Or can I shave 40 minutes off my...
  2. masskrug

    BIAB Maximums

    Post your kettle size and grain bill maximums. I reached mine today: 10 gallon kettle (14.5 inches high) 13 pounds of grain 7.5 gallons of water Maxed out!
  3. masskrug

    BIAB Hops-FWH or MH?

    If I throw some hops into the grain bag and let them steep for an hour in the kettle, would they be categorized as First Wort Hops or Mash Hops? Is there much of a difference as far as IBU's are concerned? Am I getting bitterness and oils out, or just tossing away money?
  4. masskrug

    Hands-free bottling

    I recently "automated" my bottling session, thought I'd share. Just a piece of metal under a 5 gallon bucket. Adjust your tube and bottling wand accordingly. I use 1 liter bottles and get it done in an hour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-yUmHxY93o&list=UUPKYuqbYOJQ4P3AHTh0b7kw
  5. masskrug

    Does DME attract ants

    I have a 50, well 42 now, pound bag of DME that I opened today. Has anyone experienced a problem with ants or other pests getting into the bag? I rolled the bag up and taped it down with duct tape. Is that sufficient?
  6. masskrug

    Cheap Beer Review

    Some of you may have seen this. A wine connoisseur rates cheap beer: :)
  7. masskrug

    Skunk Test

    So my SWMBO has been drinking a lot of carbonated water from Trader Joe's. I decided to try the 1 liter (clear) bottles out for beer. I collected a few and bottled a third of my Sierra Nevada Celebration clone in 22 oz glass bombers, a third in 740 ml PET brown bottles and a third in the...
  8. masskrug

    Good Water?

    So I have my Wards test and I plugged the information into EZWater and BRUnWater (forgive me as I am new to these calculators) and it comes out okay? Florida water? Does this mean I am good to go out of the tap without any additives? pH 7.3 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 342...
  9. masskrug

    Ward Labs Question

    I will be sending a sample to Ward Labs next week. Do I send a sample with Campden in it that has sat overnight(like the water I would use to make beer with) or just out of the tap? Thanks for your help.
  10. masskrug

    Ass Kisser Smoked Porter Recipe?

    Ran across this tonight. I would love to make it this fall. Does anyone have a clone? http://www.asskisserales.com/smoked-porter.php PS What does OG 16 mean? 1.060?
  11. masskrug

    Bring down 8 pH

    So my tap water is ~8 pH. I'd like to get it down to 5.1-5.4. I've tried to read the water chemistry threads and I've even tried the Bru N Water software. Is there any simple answer; "just add 2 tbsp of gypsum, calcium, dynamite, etc."? I brew mostly pale ales, IPAs, DIPAs: ~12...
  12. masskrug

    Pine sap?

    Crazy question: I like piney hops. Has anyone tried putting pine sap, pine tar or pine bark in their brew? If so, how much did you use? How did it turn out?
  13. masskrug

    The $1.50 Hop Spider

    More of a basket than a spider I suppose. After looking at all of the PVC, bag, carriage bolt, washer and nuts assemblies I decided to create my own cheapo "basket." 1 gallon nylon paint strainer: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C2A81UW/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 copper wire...
  14. masskrug

    Percentage of Homebrewers?

    Does anyone have data (if available) on the percentage of Americans who homebrew? Just curious.
  15. masskrug

    Glassware Experts

    I saw these glasses on Northern Brewer's site, but I can't seem to find any information on them. Does anyone know the name of this glass? It's capacity? And where I might purchase a set? Thanks!
  16. masskrug

    Brewtarget 2.0 Update

    Brewtarget has been updated to version 2.0: http://sourceforge.net/projects/brewtarget/ Open Source (free) brewing software. EDIT: Most recent releases and release notes HERE: https://github.com/Brewtarget/brewtarget/releases - PP
  17. masskrug

    Leaving Town-Bottle or Cake?

    I have an oatmeal stout (1.060) that has been sitting in primary for nearly 2 weeks. I haven't checked FG, but I'm pretty sure it will be done by the time I leave next week. So...Do I leave it on the yeast cake while I am gone for 2 weeks? I have no temperature control, so it will sit at...
  18. masskrug

    Yeast Slurry Question

    For the first time I harvested and washed some Safale-05. I only went through one washing cycle. The yeast sat 24 hours at 65' f. I got about 300 ml of yeast sitting at the bottom of the jar. When I pitched, it was thick and I had to shake the bottle to get it out (I did not make a starter)...
  19. masskrug

    PET Bottle Carbonation

    For my first batch I split 12 glass bombers and 15 PET bombers to see if I could tell a difference in taste. After 5 weeks in the bottle, there is little difference in taste. However, the PET bottles are lacking head, carbonation and lacing. Is this common? I assure you the caps were screwed...
  20. masskrug

    Imperial Stout Fermentation Time

    I've been looking, but no definitive answers... I am planning a 10% ABV Stout (Speedway Clone). Any idea on how long this would sit in the primary? Do I have to secondary, or can I age it in bottles? Thanks for your input!