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  1. chefmike

    Heating a heating element to a cooler mashtun

    If you account for the mass of the cooler either by preheating or adjusting the temp of the addition, i would be surprised if you had significant temperature loss. Mine are very stable, even doing 5 gallon batches in a 10 gallon cooler. YMMv, i guess, but why do "they" say it will get cool?
  2. chefmike

    When do you start counting 60 min boil time?

    Or just drop the chiller in at flameout. If you have something that is going to out live 200+ degrees for a few mintues, call NASA.
  3. chefmike

    Refermenting store bought cider

    You are going to take a six pack of some store bought hard cider, empty the carbonated bottles into a fermenter, add yeast, try to ferment further, then prime and rebottle to adjust the FG of the product? Wow. That is dedication. I doubt there are any fermentation inhibiting products added to...
  4. chefmike

    Stouts - Bottle priming vs kegged on beer gas

    When you say "kegged on beer gas", do you mean nitogen/C02 mix? Because that is a way different bird than straight co2 and your palette will interpret them differently. Plus bottle conditioned is on yeast and has done more fermentation. Taste could be several things in there. But stout on nitro...
  5. chefmike

    What does a brew store need to be great?

    I look for a place that is willing to accept the many different opinions and variations on homebrewing from the knowledgable staff. I am NOT looking for a lecture from an "expert" whose only qualification is the paycheck from the LHBS. Nor am I looking for my wife to receive a lecture about...
  6. chefmike

    Newb reusing yeast help

    Dump and go. 16 oz is overkill. There is a calculator... Mrmalty.com iirc And by overkill, i mean no worries... Dump and go. Relax. And it is always better to sanitize and dip, then dump that into a sanitized bucket and add your next batch as opposed to dumping on the cake in the same bucket...
  7. chefmike

    anyone here heat with a pellet stove?

    Dust came from the hoppers on top... Load the pellets in and it had an auger type thing that fed the combustion chamber. The dust would rise out of that chamber, through the top. They burned great, but lots of dust... Maybe just because it is so dry in CO. Sorry if that is not your...
  8. chefmike

    anyone here heat with a pellet stove?

    My complaint with pellet stoves was the dust. I had several in Colorado (all at work, I heated my cabin with wood). Dust always covered everything in the room with the stove. Granted, it is very dry in southern CO in the winter. The UP may be different. I always felt the heat to be less...
  9. chefmike

    Grain Bag Sanitization?

    Nothing used pre-boil would need to be sanitized, just clean it sensibly after use and maybe shake the dust off before you use it!
  10. chefmike

    Testing the limits of yeast viability

    Old yeast is easy... did you get your bird? :mug:
  11. chefmike

    Ministry and beer

    Thanks. We are in the middle of bringing up a new site as we transition from a Friday night fellowship into an operational pub. A kickstarter style campaign will be coming online in the next few weeks, so if you want some reformation brewery schwag, thank you for your support. I really enjoyed...
  12. chefmike

    whats on your pizza?

    Sliced meatballs on a white pie ( carmelized onions, ricotta, garlic and parmasean as the sauce) is one of my favorites.
  13. chefmike

    Keeping yeast

    Search washing yeast for more info. I have scooped yeast from trub into a sanitized mason jar using a sanitized scoop and used it 12 months later. I regularly use a popular strain of ale yeast this way with 1-3 months between uses. I fill the jars and seal them, store them in the bottom of the...
  14. chefmike

    Thick White Crud?

    Well... wrong? no. I do not believe in wrong. Hop presence will change over time. It is more fun to taste it in a keg. A keg is also a more stable environment, as you force out the oxygen with CO2. That being said, white crud is not usually present on anything I leave sit that long. But I...
  15. chefmike

    Simple pepperoni

    longer cooking = less moisture faster cooking changes texture. convection is not necessary with this recipe. but I bet it was still good. really does not matter.
  16. chefmike

    Simple pepperoni

    I have never used it. a quick search showed me this: the recipe was originally done with TQ, but I never stock it. I would not do a straight sub as you end up very high on the nitrites. just my $0.02. I do not play with nitrites much.
  17. chefmike

    Simple pepperoni

    Post back how it works with Turkey. I have not tried that. Interesting though. I think it would be very crumbly when cooked. I am making a bunch of this at the inlaws request. I think I am going to use some of it to roll a fatty with mozz, prov, green pepper, onion and garlic.
  18. chefmike

    worth it to do full boils?

    When I switched to full boil (extract), I finally got the aroma and flavor on my pale ale. WORLD of difference. Floral and citrus nuances that were just missing doing my 2 gallons boils. I highly recommend it.
  19. chefmike

    Removing labels.. baking soda!

    hmmm... where could I find a weak acid solution... Do you by chance use star-san to sanitize? :)
  20. chefmike

    Non-Rims/Herms E-Build?

    Just use a cooler for your mash. Heat an HLT, pump to the cooler, then drain to BK. I guess you could pump to a BK if you set it up right. Or do a 2 tier. That would work, right?