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    Beer is more resiliant than you may think

    So two years ago, I made an all grain pumpkin ale and let it ferment away. I got busy and ended up moving for two years and left the carboy at my friends house who I was renting a room from. When I came back, the airlock had been broken and was filled with dried fruit flies. Luckily none of...
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    uugg Seven months in the primary

    I brewed a beer in october and Ive been so busy with my flight training that I havent really had time mixed with a small lack of interest to bottle it. It still smells and looks good... how bad will that old yeast possibly make it taste? Can anybody shoot me some motivation to get it into bottles?
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    More starter concerns

    In the past I have always skipped using starters with my smack packs but this batch I thought I'd give it a go. I used 1/2 cup of extract in 800ml of water and got an OG of 1.045. 24 hours later, nothing. Reading over numerous instructions on making a starter, I never saw any of them reminding...
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    88% Efficiency

    I dont know what I did but I managed to get 88% efficiency! The last couple batches Ive been using the LHBS grain mill and I had been getting about 55-60% efficiency so I took a break from brewing until I got my own mill because I didnt want to waste grains. Finally I couldnt take it any more...
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    stuck fermentation. Is it worth it to fix?

    My girlfriend is starting to grow an interest in my beer making so she brewed her own brown ale under my guiding eye. But now we have a stuck fermentation. Its supposed to have an FG of about 1.013 and its at 1.020. The only way I have ever been able to fix a stuck fermentation is to buy an...
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    Nottingham hates me

    Every time I use Nottingham it farts all in my beer. At first I fermented too high a temp at about 72 but recently Ive been at a steady 63-65 and my beers taste like beer infused banana water. Everyone says this is an ester free clean finishing yeast. I beg to differ. I hate the stuff. It gives...
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    are old bottles weak?

    I just got about 300 stubbies from my grndparents for free. They look like thry're in good shape but the micro brewery they tried to give the bottles to wouldn't take them because they said they were weak from being used and they would explode. Does glass weaken with age?
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    Hows this for a Belgian Pale ale?

    after completing my all grain setup and having very successful brews, Im working on brewing every style in the books. How does this recipe look for a Belgian Pale Ale? 6lbs Pilsner 2-row 3lbs Vienna 2lbs Munich 1lb Aromatic 1oz Goldings 5% @60 mins .5oz fuggles 4.5% @ 30 mins .5oz...
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    Boiling hops longer than 60 minutes = lower IBU?

    Im just in the middle of my boil, and I can see that Im going to have about half a gallon too much beer. Ive already added my 60 minute hop addidtion. If I lengthen the boil to boil off that extra half gallon, will the IBU's suffer or increase? or just stay the same?
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    Final Honey Brown. Thoughts?

    8bs Maris Otter 1lb Aromatic 1lb Honey Malt 1lb Biscuit .5lb Crystal 60L .5lb Carapils .25lb Chocolate Malt .5oz Nugget @60 mins 11% 1oz Goldings @ 5 mins 4.5% Danstar Windsor Yeast Looking for a complex bold malt character... whaddaya think? LHBS guy says looks good... but Ive...
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    MLT steel braid wont stay down

    How do you get your steel braid in the MLT to stay down? I have a coiled SS wire going through for support, but it just wants to twist up
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    Honey Brown recipe analysis

    How does this recipe look for a honey brown ale with a distinct malt character and somewhat balanced hops 9lbs Maris Otter, or 2-row, Ive just heard maris otter has a nicer flavor 1lb Honey malt 1lb Victory .5lb chocolate malt .5oz Nugget 11% 60 min .25oz Perle 8% 30 min...
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    one fly added to boil

    During my last brew, a small fly maybe a gnat got into my boil. I saw it swirling around but couldnt find it afterwards. It probably boiled for about 30 minutes. Right now, fermentation is starting to slow down and the fly is floating at the top. Is there any chance of infection or did the boil...
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    Add: 1/2 pack dry yeast, no starter

    Ive got one smackpack activator wyeast english ale 1028, and I was wondering if I could pitch half a pack of dry windsor ale yeast aswell as the smackpack instead of making a starter and also add a teaspoon of nutrients to the boil for a sufficient amount to ferment my beer? Will the...
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    not enough sparge water?

    So tomorrow is my first all grain and I was playing around on beersmith. I will be making the rogue dead guy ale clone and it calls for 12.5lbs of grain. Ive been reading that you want to shoot for a 3-4 gallon sparge but on beersmith it says I can only do a 1.8/2gallon sparge. I only have an 8...
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    honey starter?

    Tomorrow is my first solo all grain brewday! Also my first time using liquid yeast. Its an english ale smackpack. I think its Wyeast 1028... can I make a starter using honey rather than DME since I dont have any? Or do smackpacks even need starters? my OG is planning on being 1.067. The...
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    steel braid food safe innertube?

    does anyone know if the tubing on the inside of steel braids meant for washing machines is possibly food safe?
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    Yet another stuck fermentation

    So Ive got an oatmeal stout partial mash thats stuck at 1.024 and its supposed to be down to about 1.014. Ive tasted it and Its super tasty, probably my best brew yet and I was thinking about entering it in the local fair homebrew competition but its got a stuck fermentation!. I racked to a...
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    Threatening leaks on my MLT

    WOO made an MLT!! Ive been dreaming of this day for a while now. It holds water great with no leaks but all thats preventing leaks are rubber washers on either side of the cooler wall on the nipple and it looks as if it could leak. Is there a definite way to prevent leaks ontop of what Ive done...
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    wicked fever

    Brewing Fever!! Ever since I got amazing results from my partial mashes Ive been buying equipment with my very tiny paychecks like no tomorrow. I just built an amazing wort chiller, 15 minutes to cool 5 gallons, an 8 gallon pot from a restaurant going out of business for $30 Brand New!, and a...