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  1. tellish33

    second mead

    Just made my second mead. 4 gallons bottled spring water 1 gallon + 5 lbs local clover honey 2 lbs dark brown sugar 2 packs K1-V1116 yeast S.G. was 1.120 and Brix was 27.5 First batch was phenomenal. Hope the second batch is as good.
  2. tellish33


    I started my traditional Honey Mead on 2-26-12. I bottled it today after I sorbated it and sweetened it last month. It is absolutely phenomenal. I might just switch to brewing meads now. It finished at 16.36% ABV.
  3. tellish33

    I gotta Hefe recipe, what do you think?

    Its a partial mash 3lbs Muntons Plain Light 100% Malt Extract 2lbs Muntons Plain Wheat 55% Wheat/45% Barley 2lbs Weyermann Wheat Malt 1lb Weyermann 2-Row Pilsener Malt 1oz. Hopunion German Hallertau Hops Alpha 4.3%/Beta 6.2% White Labs WLP380 Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast
  4. tellish33


    I brewed the Simple Hefeweizen recipe from this site on May 9th. I bottled on June 10th. I put two in the fridge last night and drank both of them tonight. They were phenomenal. Extremely simple to make. I will be brewing this again. Thx to the creator of this recipe.
  5. tellish33

    Finally bottled

    I finally got my simple hefeweizen bottled last night. Started May 9th at 1.050 and finished at 1.010. Both readings at 73 degrees. Smelled great. Can't wait to drink.
  6. tellish33

    how hot is too hot

    I made a simple hefe two weeks ago and everything was great. The temp was perfect. Then I went out of town for 4 days and my house got hot as hell (wife doesn't like the a/c). I looked at the temp on the side of the bucket and it was above 82 because the sticker had no reading on it. Today it...
  7. tellish33

    blow off tube question

    I just brewed a hefe and used a blow off tube because things starting going CRAZY. Can I leave this setup in until fermentation is done or should I switch back to an actually airlock? Thx.
  8. tellish33

    just brewed a hefe

    Just got my ingredients today and I went ahead and brewed this afternoon. It was the Simple Hefeweizen recipe from a member here. The recipe said that it recommended a full boil, at this time I can only partial boil. I mixed it very well. I hope that doesnt affect it. I hit the OG dead on...
  9. tellish33

    Hefe recipe

    I just wanted to see what you guys thought of this. I just ordered up the ingredients. 5 lbs Briess Bavarian Wheat DME 8 oz Weyerman CaraHell (light crystal) 1 oz Tettnang Hops (GR) 3.1%AA Munich Dry Yeast (11 grams) Should be pretty simple. Any suggestions? Thx in advance.
  10. tellish33

    quick grain question

    Are carahell, carapils and crystal 10 the same? 8oz of one would be the same for the others then, right? Thx.
  11. tellish33

    Wine ABV

    This might be a stupid question but do you figure out the ABV for wine just like you do for beer? Thx in advance for the help.
  12. tellish33

    split my mead up this morning

    I started my traditional honey mead on 2-26-12. It was a 3 gallon batch that when I racked it left a lot of head space. So instead of adding honey wine or something else to top up, I went ahead today and split into two 1 gallon jugs. I stole a taste while splitting. Holy crap. I have never had...
  13. tellish33

    Busy Morning

    So I took Yoopers advice from last night and put the recommended dosage of sorbate in the bottom of a clean, sanitary carboy and racked my wines. I'm going to wait 3 days then backsweeten. The third wine was just started last week. I just racked from primary (no sorbate). I tried to attach pics...
  14. tellish33

    check this out

    This isn't the greatest pic or the best glass (coke glass from McDonald's) but its a GREAT homebrew. This is my second brew, Shot In The Dark.
  15. tellish33

    Drunken Emu Mississippi River Water

    Just curious if anyone out there has made this yet? I have a 5 gallon batch that i am going to bottle tomorrow. I was just wandering what people did? Did you carb or not carb? I haven't tasted mine yet. I will be taking a sample tomorrow to see if I need to backsweeten or not.
  16. tellish33

    Wine bottling noob question

    I'm getting ready to bottle 2 three gallon batches tomorrow. I have bottled beer before with no problem. Is this the right steps: 1)add potassium sorbate, 2)backsweeten to taste and 3) bottle. Should I transfer the wine to a bottling bucket then add the sorbate and backsweeten then bottle...
  17. tellish33

    just had my first bottle if second homebrew

    I made an imperial stout the end of January. It was called Shot In The Dark by South Hills Brewing. I bottled it 14 days ago. Put one in the fridge yesterday morning so it would be chilled for tonight. I popped the top and it was very good. Nice coffee flavor with a hint of chocolate. Nice and...
  18. tellish33

    Do I top off after transfer

    I started this mead 2-26-12 and I just transferred my honey mead from primary bucket to carboy tonight. Do I need to top it off or leave it be? Thx in advance.
  19. tellish33

    Fridge for fermenting

    Here is my situation, my corner of the house that I use for fermenting stays a constant 68 degrees. In the summer my house stays kinda warm. I dont want to stop brewing in the summer because its too hot. I also would like to do a couple beers where you need colder ferment temps. I was...
  20. tellish33

    questions about hefe-weisse recipe

    This is my dads favorite beer. I was wandering a few things. What's a good extract recipe guideline to go by and is this a special ferment beer (do you ferment cold or normal temps)? Thanks in advance.