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  1. Channel66

    Saison Shipwrecked Saison

    Shipwreck Saison Type: All Grain Batch Size: 5.0 gal Brewer : Channel66 Boil Time: 90 min Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00 % Est Mash Efficiency 81.7 % Taste Rating: 50 out of 50 at Montana Mashup Taste Notes: a nice dry saison, good amount of farmhouse character, spicy, slight citrus...
  2. Channel66

    the future is here!!

    http://www.engadget.com/2013/04/10/heineken-ignite-concept-imagines-a-future-of-interactive-led-la/ Get my sarcasm in the title, heineken putting lights in bottles? Maybe doing away with glow sticks at raves for good!
  3. Channel66

    toasting my own specialty grains.

    So I was given a bunch of 2 row recently that I was told was pretty old, it was in an open sack just folded over itself, I already had a fresh sack of it in my stores, and I was skeptical of the quality of this. So I decided to play around some with toasting/roasting it. Making crystal malt etc...
  4. Channel66

    beersmith issues

    I've had Beersmith 2 for awhile now, invested a lot of time into creating my profiles and recipes. Today I logged in to find all my recipes and profiles gone. Has anyone else experienced this lately? Or is it an isolated issue? Sad day either way.
  5. Channel66

    where do you enjoy your homebrew?

    I was sitting out on my deck today sipping at my first lager (from awhile back) pondering where other HBTers prefer to enjoy their homebrew. Here's my view most evenings. Hard to beat watching eagles and Falcons fish while knocking back some cold ones.
  6. Channel66

    some of my labels

    Just thought I'd make a thread for my labels and gift packs. I don't always make labels for my beer or wine, basically the recipes I have perfected get a label and are usually gifted.
  7. Channel66

    First sour questions

    So Im not new to brewing by any means but this is my first real attempt at a soured beer and I have a few Q's. First off my recipe. I went extract with this one didnt want to have to make a big production out of it seeing as its mostly an experiment. 4.0 oz Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) 4.0 oz...
  8. Channel66

    Black IPA (first from scratch recipe)

    I recently split a bulk purchase with my BIL, we bought a bag of pale malt 2 row. I also recently purchased beersmith so I could start putting together my own recipes using our future (hopefully often) bulk purchases. I figured I would see what it would take to get a black IPA using what I have...
  9. Channel66

    I Brew For A Cause

    Im just curious as to whether or not this could take off here. (moderators if this is out of place please dont hesitate to remove it, I apologize). My family has been greatly affected by cancer in multiple forms, my mother has lost 2 sisters, her father, 4 uncles, an aunt and 2 cousins to to...
  10. Channel66

    Absinthe barrel IPA?

    So as I was putting my current IIPA over to secondary, dry hopping it and adding some cedar chips I got to wondering... Usually I soak any and all wood chip additions in bourbon or vodka (depending on the wood or the beer) to get rid of any creatures that could be crawling. I have a bottle...