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    Finished my 4th all grain batch and have been noticing 'floaters." Mash tun is homemade and a rectangular cooler w the steel dishwasher hose as a filter and a ball valve then nipple. I do about 8 quarts of vorlauf after the mash. There arent chunks of grain and the wort is pretty clear but there...
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    Wedding Home Brew Help

    I am wanting to make the beer for the reception for obvious reasons but every venue in town says their liquor license would be revoked if they offered outside beer. For those that brewed for their wedding or friends' wedding how did you go about doing it?
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    Chilling Wort

    Alright so it seems like the experienced folks recommend wort chillers. I currently chill by using about 8 lbs of ice and topping off with cold water. It takes like a minute to get below 80 deg F. I love this method. I would assume it's quicker and less of a pain than a wort chiller (never...
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    Is my Wyeast okay?

    Using Wyeast 2112 Cal Lager. Usually, from my experience, Wyeast takes a couple hours to swell. This didn't do anything for a whole day or more. Finally, after 2 days I'd say its half swollen, maybe a little more. It was shipped in over 100 degree weather and I didn't refrigerate it for a few...
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    Can you recommend a berr style?

    I like hefeweizen, wheat ales, belgian witbier, blonde ales, and light lagers. Any other styles you think i would like. I do not like ipas.
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    Keg System Help

    Cornelius Keg System I guarantee there's a cheaper way to get all this stuff especially since used cornelius kegs are super cheap. Need help w/ the C02 tank, regulators, hoses, etc.
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    Added priming sugar after siphoned to bottling bucket

    Forgot to add priming sugar to bottom of bottling bucket. Added after siphoned. Shook bucket a bit but didnt want to oxidize. How bad?
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    Bottle wand

    I swear the bottle wand makes bottling harder due to dealing w/ the hose. I have found that just using the spigot is easier. Thoughts?
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    Added too much hops

    Recipe called for 1/2 oz of hops but came with 1 oz, didnt realize this until after and added 1 oz. Its a 20 min boil kit from midwest, mexican style cerveza. Young (1 week) but tastes horrendous, like drinking straight hops. Will it get better with age or is it ruined?
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    Beer taste like hops

    Brewed a 20 min clone kit of corona from midwest, pretty sure I followed directions perfectly, tastes like drinking straight hops, is recipe bad or did i do something wrong? Beer got good reviews online but me and my friends hate it.
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    Selling home brew in IL

    Was thinking about selling bottles and kegs of home brew to local liquor stores and bars. How do you go about doing that? Would start off pretty small. Wouldnt be too much going out. Do you need license or anything else?