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  1. alane1

    Best Malt focused, clean ale yeast

    For a malt forward beer I definitely prefer 002
  2. alane1

    1 step yeast propagation and starter approach

    I just started using this method after developing off flavors from harvested yeast slurry. Obviously there's always a risk of infection with any transfer but I think the starter method is a better way to insure young, viable yeast. Like you pointed out earlier it's also a better way to estimate...
  3. alane1

    Low flocculation = hazy beer??

    Gelatin can sometimes take a couple days to work but yeah if the gelatin got too hot or something it could have denatured so I wouldn't see any harm in adding more.
  4. alane1

    Low flocculation = hazy beer??

    Are you kegging? If so it may just be sediment pick-up from the bottom of the keg. I know the beers that I've fined with gelatin come out very clear after the first few pints.
  5. alane1

    Aggressive yeast to finish pumpkin ale suggestions

    Your mash temp. Just making sure it's not unconverted starch. For this you might be able to preform an iodine test on a small sample then discard.
  6. alane1

    Aggressive yeast to finish pumpkin ale suggestions

    Just a shot in the dark but is your thermometer calibrated?
  7. alane1

    Cold shocking yeast?

    The lids on the buckets don't always seal properly. What you're seeing is probably an extremely violent fermentation that's using the airlock instead of the leaky seal. You should probably get temps down so you don't start producing Fusels.
  8. alane1

    Fermentation Chamber Question

    How often do you brew, and how long do you ferment before bottling? If you're ready to brew again after 2 weeks of primary I don't think a lower temp swing for the new batch would affect the fermented batch since the yeast is probably done doing it's thing. I would also move the probe to the...
  9. alane1

    Yeast advice

    Is your tap water loaded with chlorine? It happened to me once and I just reboiled the wort to hit my final volume, beer came out fine. To answer your question though...yes the starter can be reused, just stick it in the fridge until your next brew date and pull it out a few hours before pitching.
  10. alane1

    Filter for Oxygenation wand ??

    If using an o2 tank a filter wouldn't be necessary but if using an aquarium pump a filter would be better.
  11. alane1

    Fermentation Stuck!

    Gravity going backwards? Lactose is unfermentable so add that on to your expected final gravity. Sounds like something might be wonky with your hydrometer, try calibrating it in 60 deg water to see if it reads 1.000
  12. alane1

    WLP006 - Charles Wells for American Ale

    Drinking a red IPA right now I made using WLP005... have to say I really like it. Clean ester profile, good attenuation (77%), and great flocculation. It reminds me a lot of 002 but with better attenuation and doesn't mute hops. I've heard of butter bombs with this strain so I did an open...
  13. alane1

    Massive krausen

    The only other thing that I can think of is trub concentration. Was the freezer batch the one from the bottom half of the BK? From what I understand trub is rich in lipids that the yeast break down into nutrients.
  14. alane1

    Do all grain beers have smaller Krausen?

    What are you getting for attenuation, and how do you aerate? Fermentation temperature?
  15. alane1

    Safale US-04 yeast = funky flavor?

    I use S-04 a lot and never had a problem with the final product. The thing with 04 is that it likes to be fermented cool(low 60's), needs proper aeration/oxygenation and a good amount of aging for the flavors to mature. Unlike a lot of yeasts, this strain tastes terrible in suspension and even...
  16. alane1

    Do all grain beers have smaller Krausen?

    What have you been using for your base grain?
  17. alane1

    direct oxygen to aerate.

    It definitely makes a difference, especially when it comes to controlling esters that you would get from stressed out yeast. Ever since I got my kit I've noticed a huge improvement in flavor. Worth every penny.
  18. alane1

    assistance identifying off flavor

    Any updates? Did any of the flavors mellow or is it infected?
  19. alane1

    WLP006 - Charles Wells for American Ale

    I've used both wlp002 and S-04 in American IPA's and have been very pleased with the results. 002 works really well in hop bombs because it still leaves some malt flavor to balance it out. I find S-04 works well in a west coast style IPA because it attenuates a little better, a touch of cane...