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  1. alane1

    closet cleaner, return of the ipa

    Here's a good read on English IPA's https://byo.com/stories/issue/item/3270-brewing-british-ipa As for darker, more residual sweetness, one pound of crystal 60, 3-4 ounces of black patent, and a less attenuative yeast strain like Wyeast 1968/White labs 002 would provide a good malt backbone and...
  2. alane1

    closet cleaner, return of the ipa

    Way too much crystal IMHO, I would cut the specialty malts to 10% max. As for hops Columbus would work well for bittering. I personally like flavor hops to have a pine/citrus combo. Simcoe and Amarillo play nice together and you could reserve some of the Columbus for flavor additions also. Cheers
  3. alane1

    Is this a good recipe?

    quote-Should i use carapils instead of white wheat? Along with the crystal 60? That's a lot of specialty malts. You shouldn't need it for head retention with a beer that big. The crystal 60 should be all you need.
  4. alane1

    Please critique my ipa recipe

    Looks good, the only thing is when doing equal parts with citra in the boil I've found it to be the more dominant hop. The Cascade might get lost in the mix.
  5. alane1

    Brewing with Molasses

    I brewed with it years ago, I used too much maybe an entire container. This was one of my first dumpers, been a little gun shy ever since. I want to try it again but I think I'll go with a higher end brand like Lyle's Treacle and use maybe 2 oz. insted of 16. Cheers
  6. alane1

    Simple Stout???

    I did it back in the day...from what I remember it wasn't bad. Two cans of Muntons, a lb. of roasted barley, some hops and yeast. This was also when I thought Icehouse and Red dog were good beers, YMMV.
  7. alane1

    Wartime porter (or any other low gravity?)

    It looks really nice but I would sub some, if not all of the black malt for some chocolate malt. Some thing like 2oz black 6oz chocolate. I do like brown malt in porters as it adds a really nice roasted coffee flavor, Cheers.
  8. alane1

    Good gen hop to keep around

    I make a lot of English style beers so hops like Target, EKG, and First gold are always on hand.
  9. alane1

    QUICK! adding whole spices

    The cinnamon stick you can use whole, the nutmeg I just crush.
  10. alane1

    QUICK! adding whole spices

    For a pumpkin ale I usually do a stick of cinnamon, half of a nutmeg and a teaspoon of vanilla extract, adding the cinnamon and nutmeg at 15 and the vanilla at flame out. You can always add more to the secondary if it's not enough but this usually gets me a nice subtle spice flavor. ymmv.
  11. alane1

    Hobit's beer style

    I would imagine that they had beer made of different runnings, an xxx for special occasions, an xx for daily consumption, and an x for the children. the kilning of the malt was probably done with a wood fire so probably had a nice roasty character, and the hops(if they were used) were European...
  12. alane1

    London porter

    Are you trying to recreate an historic porter?
  13. alane1

    London porter

    I've made a porter with brown malt but I still think I used a little chocolate malt to compensate for color.
  14. alane1

    help me to fix my stout

    What gives a lot of stouts that silky mouth feel is either a hand draught beer engine or a nitrogen tap. Did you carbonate already?
  15. alane1

    Using cranberry

    There's some brands of unsweetened cranberry juice. You could probably add some after flame out or directly into the fermenter. I've tasted it, it's really strong stuff so you might want to do some dilution tests in a gal of water to get the right strength. Good luck.
  16. alane1

    Recipe request - Greene King's Abbot Ale

    I just read on their website that they use Fist Gold, Challenger, and Fuggles. The yeast I couldn't find any info on and they don't list the Ibu's or EBC. Hen's tooth is bottle conditioned so maybe you could culture some from it. That's all I have, hope it helps.
  17. alane1

    Anyone tried Samuel Adams - Rebel West Coast IPA (Ideas on a recipe)

    I think the Sam Adams strain is East coast ale WL oo8
  18. alane1

    Maple Sap?

    Charlie Papazian talks about it in TJOHB, he said it had a pleasant woody flavor. Cheers.
  19. alane1

    Too Bitter! HELP!

    Green beer will always taste different than carbed and conditioned beer
  20. alane1

    Need help with a WW2 IPA series

    Polenta is basically corn meal, I'm thinking it would be like using the same equivalent of flaked maize if you didn't want to go the pasta route.