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  1. alane1

    My own grown hops

    Beer post-fermentation is not as hospitable to wort spoiling bugs. Hops are also naturally anti-bacterial. The chance of them ruining your beer is very low.
  2. alane1

    A variety that is not like what I currently have

    I think to compliment what you already have, Chinook would be a good option.
  3. alane1

    Dried Hop Aroma?

    Once dried, if you crush a cone in your hand and then smell, the aroma should come back. Most people typically use homegrown hops for just flavor, aroma and dry hop additions. Bittering with first year hops could be a crapshoot, might work might not. Best err on the side of caution. If the aroma...
  4. alane1

    Downy Mildew

    What's your reason for spraying neem oil? I would discontinue using it and see if that helps.
  5. alane1

    Half dryed cones

    Downey infected plants show signs way before flowering. This is usually of little concern with commercial cultivars because they've been bred for resistance, or outright immunity. Downey infected plants will throw up spikes which stunt growth and eventually will kill the plant. Downey infected...
  6. alane1

    Half dryed cones

    Looks like cone tip blight, unfortunately there's not much right now in the way of treatment. The only effective control is the same as dealing with Fusarium Canker, which is cultivation practices. Basically liming the soil to achieve a neutral PH, avoiding ammonium based nitrogen fertilizer...
  7. alane1

    Growing hops from seed

    I have a few interesting seedlings this year, I am reserving any judgment on them until next season though. Shortly after planting them out we had some nasty wind storms that broke a lot of the bines. I'll have no idea until next season how they'll grow or flower. The ones that broke kind of...
  8. alane1

    Crap! I think I have males in my hopyard...now what?

    It happened to me a few years ago(not puberty) I collected rhizomes from a dense patch. The one I kept turned out to be male, and the rest I shared with some on the forum. What did you guys end up with? He's just about ready to start getting frisky with the ladies
  9. alane1

    sidearm tips dying

    It might be a boron deficiency. You might want to try a foliar spray with some seaweed extract or something that has a high concentration of it.
  10. alane1

    Crap! I think I have males in my hopyard...now what?

    If you're getting rid of the males, I'd be interested. Send me a PM if you'd be interested in a trade or something.
  11. alane1

    Sun Burn, Nutrient Deficiency or Powdery Mildew?

    I had a plant get scorched earlier in the season, it's much more common when they're transplanted outside from the indoors.
  12. alane1

    What's wrong with my new growth??

    Wouldn't hurt to do a soil test. Nitrogen does move through the soil faster than phosphorus. It's almost to that time though that adding nitrogen might adversely affect hop flavor.
  13. alane1

    What's wrong with my new growth??

    Do the bines with the pale green growth have shorter nodes, like this?
  14. alane1

    Hops and strawberry plants, bad mix?

    One reason I could think of not to plant them together is that they're both affected by the same species of powdery mildew(podosphaera macularis). One could infect the other.
  15. alane1

    Foliar Feeding: who does it?

    My soil test showed signs of low nitrogen and potash with high levels of phosphorus so I amended the soil with wood ash and composted grass clippings and used 5-1-1 fish fertilizer. I was thinking of of using this as a foliar spray until burrs start to form
  16. alane1

    Growing hops from seed

    While true, those are immature leaves. They will soon change to 5 lobes
  17. alane1

    Rhizome Ordering Woes :'(

    You're welcome to any rhizomes I have, send me a PM if you're interested. Cheers
  18. alane1

    Fertilizers, Compost, Etc.

    It depends on if the clippings are free of seed. If your lawn is well maintained it shouldn't be a problem but if not you may as well be planting weeds.
  19. alane1

    Rob's Hydroponic Hop Grow

    Looks like a cool project, if you need anything let me know. I'm currently working in Cambridge.
  20. alane1

    Hop Trellis Question

    Looks good!!! I can't tell from the picture, what did you use for anchors?