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  1. k1ngl1ves

    Maybe the ABInBev haters can let up

    I'm glad I wrote something that actually made someone sit back and think! :mug: Honestly, my heart doesn't believe 90% of what I wrote. Tragedies are always clouded by feelings, and rightfully so. I just wanted to point out that there are many opinions on this matter, positive and...
  2. k1ngl1ves

    Maybe the ABInBev haters can let up

    This is true, although I did not mention anything about people being ordered to evacuate. The importance of life is vastly different, depending on perspective. Historically, governments have been more inclined to put their people through a meat grinder then concentrate on the people's well...
  3. k1ngl1ves

    Maybe the ABInBev haters can let up

    Oh! Now, the argument of the fair allotment of shelf space for a non-essential product. If you're bribing and/or strong-arming someone to sell items in your line of business in a favorable way for your product... it's a criminal offence.
  4. k1ngl1ves

    Maybe the ABInBev haters can let up

    I used to work with an Indian woman, and saw her start crying one day when a coworker killed a large beetle at work. In WWII, there were over 40 million Russian casualties (military and civilian), and Stalin still ate his breakfast every morning with a smile. The importance of life is vastly...
  5. k1ngl1ves

    Beer Buyouts

    Like how the U.S. government thinks in order to maintain the citizen's freedom, we all must sacrifice our liberty? Our Forefathers would be horrified from what we have become... :( Of course, many of them were slave owners so... yeah. Maybe their vision wasn't always correct. :ban:
  6. k1ngl1ves

    What's the world's most popular beer?

    Ah, the Natty Light of China. Makes perfect sense. :mug:
  7. k1ngl1ves

    Another Sellout: Anchor Brewing Acquired by Sapporo

    For the past few years, Revolution Brewing (Chicago) has been sending a lot of beer to Tokyo. Have you ever seen it in Japan? (Probably not. You're pretty far from Tokyo.) If so... drink it. It's good! :ban: Them sending beer to Japan used to drive me nuts. Until they expanded, they...
  8. k1ngl1ves

    Another Sellout: Anchor Brewing Acquired by Sapporo

    I've never had a beer I liked from Anchor. I'm also not much of a fan of Sapporo. They deserve to be together, IMO. :ban:
  9. k1ngl1ves

    Immersion AND counterflow...why not both?

    My neighbor is awesome and lets me use his hose when I make 10g batches so I can use an IC and a CFC at the same time. Brewing in the driveway while drinking with your neighbor is the best time to ask. How could he/she say no? Lol! Of course, we live less than 30 miles from the largest...
  10. k1ngl1ves

    Decline Of The "Homebrewing Lifestyle"

    Just like any hobby, people come and go. I know at least 10 guys who were brewing and have stopped. Life gets in the way of brewing, or it was more than they anticipated, or they decided they'd rather just buy their beer, or they decided they now drink way too much. Lol! There will always...
  11. k1ngl1ves

    Decline Of The "Homebrewing Lifestyle"

    The "Homebrewer Bubble" has popped. Norther Brewer sold at just the right time. :ban: We're already seeing it, but expect more lhbs and websites to go out of business. There's just too many options, and many are too expensive to keep competing. In the For Sale section here, and my local...
  12. k1ngl1ves

    How do BJCP judges evaluate beer?

    They take an educated guess. That's it. No mystery there. :ban: Everyone's taste and observation is a bit different. Their input can be a good reference for your beer though. The more people that taste and offer opinions the better. But overall, the competitions are just dog & pony shows.
  13. k1ngl1ves

    Short's sells to Lagunitas

    I find most of Short's offerings to be underwhelming. IMO, they are at the bottom of the Michigan breweries list. If they closed up tomorrow, I wouldn't even take the time to shrug. Good for them for taking a small payday and possibly improving their distribution. Maybe their beer will...
  14. k1ngl1ves

    How to stop teenagers begging for beers

    Yeah, but couldn't you then choose a jury trial? I mean, if OJ could get acquitted once... :ban:
  15. k1ngl1ves

    Beer Issue or Draft Issue

    Yes. The age-old question of how to get more head. The Great White Buffalo that all men are in search of... :ban:
  16. k1ngl1ves

    New Beer Glasses Delivered -- Pretentious Beer Glasses

    In my opinion, they are the best in this business. :mug: I was recently at my local Binny's, and they had a bunch of glassware on clearance. I was amazed when I saw quite a few glasses with "Spiegelau" etched on the bottom. I couldn't believe it. With prices ranging from $4 to $10, I...
  17. k1ngl1ves

    RIS - bottle condition or bottle from keg?

    ^^^This is most likely very true.^^^ When I naturally carb in a keg, I'd rather shoot a bit low than over do it. I usually hook up the keg to serving pressure in my keggerator for a couple days anyways to make sure the carbonation is up to where I want it. I'd rather do that than wasting time...
  18. k1ngl1ves

    RIS - bottle condition or bottle from keg?

    I'm actually not sure why, in regards to using half the sugar as usual, but I'd assume that it's because there's a larger mass of yeast at the party. :mug: Stop being cheap and buy another keg dammit! :ban: The sludge at the bottom isn't bad. About half a pint the first pour, and...
  19. k1ngl1ves

    Travelling to the US, opinions on best beers to try!

    I wish we got Cigar City up here! :mug:
  20. k1ngl1ves

    Travelling to the US, opinions on best beers to try!

    Chicagoland area favorites: Half Acre Pipeworks Pollyanna Revolution 18th Street (NW Indiana) 3 Floyd's (NW Indiana) All amazing beers. Binny's and Kenwood Liquors are the 2 liquor stores that carry a vast amount of beer from coast to coast. Thay won't have the real small breweries in...