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  1. Omahawk

    Anyone ever make the 999 Barleywine?

    Recipe looks great. In regards to your question, as with lots of things, “it depends”. Based on my experience, and your notes, 65% sounds about right. 25 lbs is about the most grain I can use in my setup (10 gallon igloo cooler mash tun) and still get my desired 1.25 qts / lb. On big beers...
  2. Omahawk

    Is 80 degrees Fahrenheit too warm for fermenting a stout?

    Haven’t used that one in years so I can’t offer any personal experience. Hope it turns out. Report back.
  3. Omahawk

    Ideal OG for a pale ale?

    Most American Pale Ales have a target original gravity of 1.045 - 1.06 and an FG of 1.01 - 1.015. I’m not sure what your batch size or estimated efficiency is, but 10.5 lbs of base malt in a 5.5 gallon batch usually gets me something like 1.05 OG on my system. I see your recipe lists a target...
  4. Omahawk

    Should I double or triple pitch a 1.085 OG batch?

    Cool. Good luck and report back.
  5. Omahawk

    Should I double or triple pitch a 1.085 OG batch?

    I believe he/she is saying that if it's been less than 24 hours, pitch more now. Adding more yeast during this window may prevent the yeast from "over reproducing" (bad terminology) which occurs early in the fermentation cycle. More yeast early means less reproducing required
  6. Omahawk

    Does Bottle Conditioning Raise ABV?

    I believe it does add a small amount of alcohol. Yeast consume sugar and alcohol and CO2 are byproducts. As a for instance in BeerSmith, i plugged in 5 oz of table sugar into a 5 gallon recipe and got somewhere around a 0.3% increase in ABV. So as long as it carbonated, I believe it also added...
  7. Omahawk

    Dry hopped my primary. Go for secondary?

    Agree with both of these. Verify with hydrometer that you've hit your expected gravity range, and the gravity hasn't changed for 2-3 days. Then fermentation is done, and you can dry hop in the primary. Go straight to keg from there. Hope you love the beer!
  8. Omahawk

    Simple Lager?

    It sounds like you should be able to ferment pretty easily in the target range of 45-50 F for basic lagers. This is how I do it: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=49872 Sometimes I'll raise the beers temperature (diacetyl rest) at the end of fermentation just to make sure, but when...
  9. Omahawk

    Brewing water

    Be cautious using Spring water for mashing if you're trying to control / understand your water profile. You don't know what mineral levels are in there. With distilled or R.O., you know there's nothing in there and you add what you need. Listen to the BrewStrong water series (3 parts at...
  10. Omahawk

    Total noobie, First brew is it ready to put into pressure barrel

    The pressure barrel seems like the equivalent of kegging. I will tell you that I have not once regretted switching from bottling to kegging. So much less work.
  11. Omahawk

    Two hearted IPA?

    The substitution will have a small flavor difference - Crystal 40 will have a slightly more toffee-like quality to it than Crystal 20. That being said, Crystal 40 will taste great in this beer. Also, experts will tell you that rehydrating dry yeast is best practice in all cases. I've done...
  12. Omahawk

    Total noobie, First brew is it ready to put into pressure barrel

    Sorry to hijack, but this sounds like a cool piece of equipment. Are the CO2 bulbs one-time use, or do you refill them? I have not seen them in the US.
  13. Omahawk

    Total noobie, First brew is it ready to put into pressure barrel

    I'm with what flars said. Is the pressure barrel ultimately what you plan on serving from? If so, do you pressurize it by adding priming sugar? I'm guessing it's a real ale thing, and you don't force carbonate it with CO2. Either way, leaving it in the primary until you're ready for it's...
  14. Omahawk

    looking for light beer lower cal recipe

    Completely agree and perhaps I overstated it. A high attenuation barleywine will still have several times more calories than a low attenuated light American lager. The differences I'm talking about (when done within a reasonable range) will likely change a given recipe's calorie count by 5% or so.
  15. Omahawk

    looking for light beer lower cal recipe

    I've not done any testing on this myself, but have noticed that the things we do to make a more fermentable wort (low mash temp, higher use of adjuncts, etc) which "dries out the beer" and results in a higher alcohol %, also results in a lower amount of calories. If you plug the same Starting...
  16. Omahawk

    Cheese cloth for steeping grains???

    Yes, cheese cloth should be just fine. Just make sure you tie it off so you aren't leaking grains and don't let it touch the bottom of the pot and scorch the bag. Edit: Although uniondr is right - nylon paint strainer bags are perfect if that's a possibility for you.
  17. Omahawk

    Lengthy fermentation?

    Sometimes the krausen doesn't drop even after fermentation is done. I've had this happen to me with kolsch and German ale yeast. Keep taking gravity readings, and if it holds steady for 3 days at this gravity, it's done. If you cool the fermenter in the fridge a couple of days, the krausen...
  18. Omahawk

    Recipe commentary

    I would add that the combination of a 158 degree mash temp and nearly 20% crystal malts will leave behind a lot of unfermentables. It might be what you're going for, but seems like it might be a little too cloying sweet in the finish.
  19. Omahawk

    I made a new brew and need some advice

    The other variable to think about is your bitterness to gravity ratio. I'm guessing it should be something around 0.6 (e.g., 1.05 SG / 30 IBUs = 0.6). Magnum is a high-alpha hop, and in a low volume batch like this small amounts of the hop can have a big impact on bitterness. Not knowing...