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  1. k1ngl1ves

    Nebraska Selling/Giving Away Everything Cheap

    If you do eventually decide to ship, I would be more than happy to buy both kegs. They are exactly what I need right now. ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed...
  2. k1ngl1ves

    Pennsylvania Extra CTZ Hops -Whole Leaf

    How much per pound? How are they being stored?
  3. k1ngl1ves

    Missouri FS: Milwaukee MW102 pH Meter and accessories

    May I ask why you're selling it? I absolutely love mine, and would never sell it! Lol! Good luck with your sale!
  4. k1ngl1ves

    Other Micro brewery for sale in Ecuador

    I'm interested. I'm just waiting for my check from a Nigerian Prince. They promised it would come soon. I'm so excited! :ban:
  5. k1ngl1ves

    Illinois Kegerator IL - True TDD-1 Commercial Kegerator

    I had a TDD1 a few years ago and sold it. I'm still kicking myself for it, even though the offer was too good to pass up. It was great! These things are top notch as far as kegerators go. If I had the money right now, I'd buy this. Whoever buys it won't be disappointed. Damn I miss mine...
  6. k1ngl1ves

    Illinois Misc. Homebrewing Items for sale.

    Alright. I'm in on these 3 kegs plus bonus. Where in Chicagoland are you located? Get me before I sober up. You've got at least 3 days... :ban: PM me.
  7. k1ngl1ves

    Pennsylvania (6) Intertap Flow Control Faucets For Sale

    PM sent on 3 and the stout spout.
  8. k1ngl1ves

    Illinois Misc. Homebrewing Items for sale.

    What 6 year old doesn't want to ride in a rocket ship home? :ban:
  9. k1ngl1ves

    Illinois Misc. Homebrewing Items for sale.

    Or leave one or both of the people in Chicago to find their own way home. Priorities. :ban:
  10. k1ngl1ves

    Illinois Misc. Homebrewing Items for sale.

    I'm assuming you meant the male quick disconnects are $5 and the females are $10? I think you have the prices flipped around. If not, and the females are $5... I'll take all the female ones! :ban: If I buy the 3 ball locks, I get the 3 repairable kegs as a bonus? Hmmm.... what's wrong...
  11. k1ngl1ves

    Massachusetts Grain & Hops for Sale

    PM sent...
  12. k1ngl1ves

    Texas Hops For Sale (Mega Clearout)

    He's probably just clearing some older stock. When you've been in the game a while, hops start to pile up somehow. I've got two freezers full. I don't even know what's all in there anymore. Lol! In fact, I should go through the hops and some of my equipment I don't use anymore. Post...
  13. k1ngl1ves

    California 10 gal corny kegs

    I might have driven from Chicago to pick them up if it was $150 for all. :ban:
  14. k1ngl1ves

    Indiana Selling Keezer

    But you don't even have a ZD sticker or label on that thing! For Shame!!! :ban:
  15. k1ngl1ves

    Georgia 3 Flow Control Intertap Faucets

    Looks like they sold quickly here in September, 2016 as well... :ban:
  16. k1ngl1ves

    Georgia Stainless False Bottom/Mashtun

    PM sent...