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  1. humann_brewing

    Why are people not using these PIDs/SSR/Heatsinks/probes?

    I found a kit with a PID with SSR output, an SSR, Heat sink and short probe for $28. This is basically a fraction of the price from Auber so why am I not seeing more using them? I assume quality or ease of use or something but tell me I'm not crazy...
  2. humann_brewing

    Can I plug a element directly into an outlet, no PID/SSR?

    I am trying to add some electricity to my current system by incorporating 2 elements. I am wondering if I could simple use a on/off approach instead of the PID and SSR method or is there a control that I could dial in how much power is supplied. I am thinking 2x5500 elements running on...
  3. humann_brewing

    how to get better oil extraction post fermentation, looking for ideas or thoughts

    I am looking to up my game in regards to dry hoping my beers and I have been thinking of how I can do that. My thought was to have a custom stainless steel mesh made for a 10" house filter I have and place it between 2 kegs on the liquid outs placing the hops (pellets) in the correct side of...
  4. humann_brewing

    Attempting to come really close to the Great Divide Claymore strong scotch(wee heavy)

    Well if you haven't had claymore by Great Divide, go find it I love this beer but can't get my hands on it where I live so here I go. I already contacted the brewery but they didn't give any info and their website pretty much just describes what the BJCP does so I am just going to do my own...
  5. humann_brewing

    Best bottle shop in northern Oregon (near I5 or 84)

    I am on a unexpected road trip up to Washington and will be traveling I5 and into central washington. I am looking for good recommendations for a awesome bottle shop for a good selection of mainly Oregon brews and some Washington beers too. I am trying to get some cascade beers but not sure...
  6. humann_brewing

    California Kegerator for sale stainless 3 tap tower

    I moved over to a keezer but I used this and was able to fit 3 ball lock kegs with a 5lb co2 tank in the back. Here are some old pics I found This is for local pickup in the Fresno, CA area. For sale is the fridge, stainless 3 tap tower and SS elbow shanks Asking $250
  7. humann_brewing

    Hopping suggestions for heavy late hopped low gravity blonde/pale

    I am looking to brewing a fairly low gravity (1.045 ish) malt bill that is roughly Pilsner (2 Row) Ger (2.0 SRM) Grain 3 67.1 % Munich Malt - 10L (10.0 SRM) Grain 4 10.3 % Oats, Flaked (1.0 SRM) Grain...
  8. humann_brewing

    Need help choosing oak for barleywine

    I have a barleywine that is coming up on a year old, the recipe is attached. stats are that it was a 1.116 OG barleywine with plenty of hops and finished about 1.020 I am wanting to oak 5 gallons of it and standard keg the other 5 gallons. I have 11 gallons bulk aging in a sankey which is...
  9. humann_brewing

    Free homebrew competition in Central Cal

    If you are looking for a competition to enter and don't want to pay any entry fees, here you go. All the details can be found at: http://www.sjworthogs.org/competition.html registration is due by 9/8 and beers are due by 9/15, judged on 9/22 You must register your beer in 2 places one with...
  10. humann_brewing

    Wiring a chest freezer with a STC 1000 with a constant and fan

    I will be getting a Frigidaire chest freezer soon and will be turning it into a keezer/storage beer area and need a little help with what I am looking to do. Here is the wiring diagram of the freezer http://manuals.frigidaire.com/prodinfo_pdf/StCloud/297010501.pdf so I am thinking I can...
  11. humann_brewing

    Trinity brewing Three Flower Saison Clone help

    Unfortunately I live nowhere near Colorado springs but I have had a chance to have this beer while visiting and really loved it and this was before I enjoyed Saisons, so I can't image now. Anyways, I know the 3 flowers are kept under lock and key but I can't find anything out there regarding...
  12. humann_brewing

    making a suedo torpedo, how to?

    I am curious if anyone has used a pump or something else to essentially transfer beer in and out of the fermenter while sending it through some hops on the outside of the fermenter? I see morebeer sells a variable speed pump that seems like it would do the job and then use something like a...
  13. humann_brewing

    Headed to San Diego for a family trip, need help for beer

    I will be taking a long weekend trip to San Diego with the family, an anniversary trip actually. So this is not a beercation but I am sure I can sneak in a trip or to to a great bottle shop and a dinner/lunch or two at a brewpub or restaurant with a great beer selection. So what are some...
  14. humann_brewing

    Looking to buy a Blichmann beer gun

    I would like to buy a Blichmann beer gun with or without the accessory pack. Let me know if your looking to sell one and how much.
  15. humann_brewing

    What is the best bang for your buck in the RO water filter systems?

    Brew science/Water I think this fits :) I have studied a lot in the past on water but I need to get more serious about adjusting it. I think at the same time I could provide great drinking water for my family. I am thinking of the under the sink models where a tap could be put on the...
  16. humann_brewing

    When to pitch a Saccharomyces yeast if at all into a Berliner Weisse

    I have a Berliner Weisse that had a OG of 1.030 and I had made a lacto starter from WLP677 with 1/2g of apple juice and let it go for about 5 days in the garage ~90-100 degrees so it was pretty much done. At any rate, the ferment of 2 5.5+ gallons of liquid fermentors was off and running...
  17. humann_brewing

    Time to get serious about meads, got a few questions before I start

    So I have Ken Schramms book on my doorstep, I have also read his 2005 article in zymurgy and discussed with others on various practices. Here are my questions at this point, I am sure there will be more though :D Ken talked about not letting the pH go to low to slow the fermentation down...
  18. humann_brewing

    could I use a blender to get cherries ready?

    So I am in the prep stages to do my annual cherry mead from the tree out back. I want to have a lot of cherry taste in this and was wondering if after I froze, thawed and de-pit them, why couldn't I use a blender to pulverize them so the sugar is more accessible basically liquid form. Am I...
  19. humann_brewing

    Headed to Colorado/Wyoming and looking for breweries?

    I will be flying into Denver with the fam. We are leaving the next day to head up the Laramie, I notice the tours at new belgium are already booked that Saturday which is like 4 weeks away :eek: and odells don't start until 1. These are both breweries I wanted to visit, I am hoping to him them...
  20. humann_brewing

    Congrats Bobby, brewer of the week!

    Nice article Bobby! http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/pages/community/brewer-of-the-week/show?title=bobby-mierzejwski