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  1. kegtoe

    My single tier build

    N2, and the rest - how are you controlling the flames in each pot? Isn't the advantage of 3 burners to have at least 2 heating at one time? Looks like just an on/off valve to each element. Thanks!
  2. kegtoe

    Gas manifold to burner questions for single tiers

    For those that have a single tier, 2-3 burner stand: How did you chose to regulate propane to each of the burners? Do you have a regulator from the tank to the manifold and just use valves to control each burner? Or do you have regulators on each burner? Does a valve (if using a needle...
  3. kegtoe

    Weldless brew stand.

    How did you mount your burner?
  4. kegtoe

    23 tip Jet Burner questions

    I'm copying this from the Equipment forum to DIY to see if I can get some feedback. Guys, Just bought a new 10 gal style Brutus set up. It has 3 23 tip jet burners on it. I have a few questions for those of you that are using it with propane: 1. Are you using high pressure or low...
  5. kegtoe

    Mounting Jet Burners- Brew stand

    I just bought a B10 with the 23 tips jets. They were just hardpiped from the gas manifold.
  6. kegtoe

    Propane manifold for turkey fryers?

    im wondering if one hoppy guy from brew steel would build you one if you let him know what you want. he helps out tons of people on here with suggestions ideas and does custom systems as a business. if you are worried about buildingn one yourself, contact him and see what he can do for you.
  7. kegtoe

    Propane manifold for turkey fryers?

    i have one of those and its garbage, trips the safety all the time. best to buid you own. otherwise i've seen them here: http://www.bayouclassicdepot.com/614-2-burner-valve-brass-manifold.htm they have a couple varieties
  8. kegtoe

    question on propane hose to burner on brewstand

    OneHoppyGuy, that is a great set up. Is your black pipe 1/2"? Reduced down to 1/4 needle? I would love to hardpipe mine like that and that was my plan but my stand was not built to the specifications that i asked. My burners do not line up with my manifold. Wish i wouldn't have bought my stand...
  9. kegtoe

    question on propane hose to burner on brewstand

    high pressure , 20-30 PSI. have you seen the needle valves in any other size than 1/4" i'd love some flexible propane line in 1/4" if i could find it.
  10. kegtoe

    question on propane hose to burner on brewstand

    I'm looking for some suggestions to hook up my propane manifold to my burners on my brew rig. How have people gone from the flex line to the orfice at the burner - use a reducer? ??? What size valves and flex line s are common. I've found some good "needle" valves that could control gas flow...
  11. kegtoe

    Looking for propane part retailer for brewstand

    thanks jcav! I'll check out those sites. i was going to go with bayou classic for the orfice, because they are pretty reasonable and they have some well priced needle valve. looking for some flexible gas line yet. any other suggestions
  12. kegtoe

    Looking for propane part retailer for brewstand

    Looking for some help from the HBT community for their recomendation on propane parts. I have a brew stand that was built by Marcus from Brewer equipment a year and a half ago. i didnt get the hook-ups that go from the manifold to the burners or the supply from tank to manifold. So, who is a...
  13. kegtoe

    how many btu's needed to boil?

    i agree with chem e. Ive bought 3 from northern brewer http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/brewing/beer-brewing-equipment/burners/high-pressure-burner-and-stand.html
  14. kegtoe

    how many btu's needed to boil?

    the more the better!!
  15. kegtoe

    My Set Up - Branded Brewing Co.

    how did you connect your hose to the cam fittings?
  16. kegtoe

    My RIMS build

    I like that thinking. thats what im planning for mine.
  17. kegtoe

    Looking for pics/examples of mash tuns in rims systems

    lots of cooler builds on youtube and soem all grain overviews. looking for more examples of converted SS pots and keggles.
  18. kegtoe

    Looking for pics/examples of mash tuns in rims systems

    i have gotten away from brewing for a while. Im getting back at it and getting my HLT, mash tun, and boil kettles ready. (I have the other equipment - Rims tube, plate chiller, false bottom, bulk heads, valves, etc all ready). But I want to see how people put there pots/keggles/vessels together...
  19. kegtoe

    1/2 couplers and heating elements

    nearly all water heater elements are straight threads. most of the other fittings that are available are NPT. If you try to screw a straight male end into a tapere female fitting, you often dont acheive a good seal.
  20. kegtoe

    1/2 couplers and heating elements

    not sure about the 1/2 couplers but the diffferent thread types always had me worried. i found a unit that had mpt, wired, and enclosed, all with stainless for 60$ went with that. i think a lot of people did what you talked about, add a lot of teflon tape. you might also want to try pipe...