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  1. hillhousesawdustco

    Effect of Pickup Tube on Pump?

    I had never even thought about this. Interesting. Especially since I just picked up a couple new narrow diptubes!
  2. hillhousesawdustco

    Chilling THROUGH the IC with ice bucket?

    Oooooh I misunderstood what you meant by clear. I usually just plug the line into my HLT and pump till the wort just starts to get lighter colored and shut 'er down. Was worried about possible infection at first but I've never had a proble,
  3. hillhousesawdustco

    Chilling THROUGH the IC with ice bucket?

    Just run your cleaner (PBW, Oxiclean, Whatever) through it with the pump, then run water, then run sanitizer before you brew again.
  4. hillhousesawdustco

    $500 to spend on upgrading. What should I do?

    I'm on board with a temp controlled setup being #1.
  5. hillhousesawdustco

    My sweet deal!

    So the first two items pretty much covered the whole purchase!? That's a killer deal.
  6. hillhousesawdustco

    herms coil issues

    Well with stainless steel and tight compression fittings the only thing I can think of is that you need to tighten the weldless connections. I use copper and it works great so I assume SS is certainly rigid enough to hold its looped shape without drooping. Do you have a particularly large coil?
  7. hillhousesawdustco

    herms coil issues

    so how does it go through the wall of your keggle/pot/cooler/large jug?
  8. hillhousesawdustco

    herms coil issues

    Picture? Do you have weldless bulkheads?
  9. hillhousesawdustco

    Looking for a 3bbl system

  10. hillhousesawdustco

    my first AG system

    I suppose not, although it would be kind of a pain to stir in all your grain if the water is already at its full volume. And you're still going to need the HLT to heat and store water for the sparge. Is there a particular reason you want to use the mash tun that way? Have you considered going...
  11. hillhousesawdustco

    my first AG system

    I like the first plan- gravity feed from the HLT for your mash in and sparge while using your pump to recirculate wort in your heat exchanger and then pumping into the boil kettle. You could batch or fly sparge at your leisure. OR, just get another pump and put them all one level.
  12. hillhousesawdustco

    Keggle fittings

    I've gotten most of my stuff from BobbyM and have zero complaints about its quality or his service. I've bought some "Stainless Steel" stuff from local hardware stores and ended with rust in my HLT so be sure you get the real thing, which I believe is 304 or 316 SS.
  13. hillhousesawdustco

    Which burner do you prefer, and why?

    There are some things I've cheaped out on and some that I've splurged on since I started homebrewing. One thing that I definitely do no regret buying was a Blichmann floor burner. I had used a friends cheapo and it was like a freaking jet engine. The Blichmann is so much quieter, more fuel...
  14. hillhousesawdustco

    Dented Corny Keg with a tiny hole

    I agree that it is kind of ridiculous that the LHBS doesn't at least see if they will hold pressure before selling them. I'm also surprised that you ended up with pinhole leak- I have some DENTED cornies but no holes, I guess you were just a little unlucky that the dent is right over that weld...
  15. hillhousesawdustco

    Are you happy with your plate chiller?

    Oooooooh. Immersion WHIRLPOOL Chiller. Just what homebrewing needs, another confusing acronym.
  16. hillhousesawdustco

    Are you happy with your plate chiller?

    That's definitely still an IWC I think. Lots of folks stir a bit with an immersion chiller to either whirpool or just to get the immersed coil in contact with all of the wort.
  17. hillhousesawdustco

    Are you happy with your plate chiller?

    Plate chillers are sweet, but there is in my opinion a ton more cleaning and whatnot involved. Lots of flushing and backflushing. Plus if you brew hoppy beers you'll probably need a solution to keep hop gunk from clogging up the chiller. To be honest I rather wish I had a Chillzilla...
  18. hillhousesawdustco

    Pump on input or output of plate chiller

    You want it before the chiller
  19. hillhousesawdustco

    HERMS Coil used for cooler?

    I cut up my old immersion chiller to use as the HERMS coil in my HLT. Works great for that purpose. My POS plate-chiller couldn't cool my wort down to pitching temps unless it was trickling out at about a gallon an hour. So, after the boil I refill my HLT with cold water (my tap water is 40...
  20. hillhousesawdustco

    New steam jacketed kettle

    pssst this is over 4 years old